Fact! Why do wrinkles appear on a smoker’s face?

Why do wrinkles appear on a smoker's face

Cigarettes contain toxic substances that are harmful to the health of the skin, so the smoker’s face tends to reveal premature aging, along with other blemishes and imperfections. The wrinkles in the face of a smoker differ from that of a non-smoker. Smoking causes changes in nails, teeth, hair, and above all in the skin. … Read more

5 health benefits of cashews

health benefits of cashews

Cashews are rich in healthy unsaturated fats that studies have shown reduce the risk of heart disease, they are also rich in copper and antioxidants, cashews can help make your skin look bright, shiny, and supple always, cashews improve digestive health and reduce hunger pangs as well. Among all the nuts, cashews are the most famous … Read more

People of Texas Can Benefit From Refinancing Mortgages

People of Texas Can Benefit From Refinancing Mortgages

The WFAA asked how many of the 15 million candidates who could benefit from refinancing are in Texas.Answer: 1,099,000 Texas Homeowners. There aren’t many basements in Texas. But by comparison, it’s where mortgage rates in the basement are still close to historical lows. Still, recent data show that 15.1 million homeowners who may benefit from … Read more

FIR Against Carry Minati: FIR Against Famous YouTuber Carry Minati

FIR Against Carry Minati

FIR Against Carry Minati: The troubles of famous YouTuber Carry Minati (FIR Against Carry Minati) seem to be increasing. FIR has been registered against CarryMinati in North Delhi. CarryMinati is accused of making objectionable remarks on women. Carry Minati is often seen roasting famous celebrities on his YouTube. Case registered against CarryMinati under sections of … Read more

This is how Adele lost 22 kilos

This is how Adele lost 22 kilos

The 33-year-old English singer, Adele, amazed her fans and followers, when she announced on her electronic accounts that she had succeeded in reducing her weight by 22 kilograms, and published her pictures in which she appeared as another woman, as reported by Indiatimes. After a flurry of reactions, Gerasimo, the artist’s personal trainer, revealed that … Read more

Britain found a new drug for people with high blood cholesterol levels

Britain found a new drug for people with high blood cholesterol levels

British health authorities announced today, Wednesday, that they will soon start giving a new drug to patients with high cholesterol levels. And the British National Health System said in a statement: The drug “Inglisiran”, which is manufactured by the “Novartis” company and is given as an injection twice a year, can save about 30,000 people … Read more

PUBG New State’s pre-registration starts in India, Link to register here

PUBG New State's pre-registration starts in India

PUBG New State’s pre-registration: The curtain has been lifted from the launch of PUBG New State. The game will launch in India and Krafton has announced its pre-registration. That is, you can pre-register for this game in India. PUBG New State pre-registration has gone live on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, its … Read more