Who is Salima Mazari? Woman who fought against Taliban was captured

Who is Salima Mazari? Salima Mazari is an Afghan politician and first woman who served as the District Governor of Charkint District in Balkh province in Afghanistan and one of the three women district governors in Afghanistan.

Who is Salima Mazari?

Mazari was born in Iran in 1980 to Afghani refugee family who had escaped the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. She grew up in Iran, studied from the University of Tehran and working for the International Organization for Migration, before returning to Afghanistan.

In 2018, she was elected as Governor in District of Charkint in Balkh province. As governor, she formed a security commission to recruit local militias into the fight against the Taliban.

In 2020, she negotiated the surrender of over 100 Taliban soldiers in her province.

In 2021, while Taliban occuping the country she refused to flee from the country as several other governors in the country did, with her district putting up significant resistance to the Taliban.

Until the complete collapse of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan following the Fall of Kabul, hers was one of the few districts in the country to remain unoccupied by the Taliban.

On 18 August, it was reported that she had been captured by the Taliban.

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