Who was Colonel Viplav Tripathi? Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, Son and more

Who was Colonel Viplav Tripathi? Colonel Viplav Tripathi was the Indian commanding officer of 46 Assam Rifles and was posted in Manipur these days. On 13 November 2021 Colonel Viplav Tripathi was going with his family and his quick reaction team. Meanwhile, militants ambushed and attacked Singhat area of ​​Churchandrapur in Manipur. Colonel ViplaV Tripathi … Read more

Who is Mr Eberhart? Oldest man who complete Appalachian Trail

Who is Mr Eberhart? Mr Eberhart is a 83-year-old hiker known as the “Nimblewill Nomad” has become the oldest person to complete the Appalachian Trail in the United States. Officials confirmed that MJ “Sunny” Eberhart of Flagg Mountain, Alabama, has walked into the record books after finishing his journey in western Massachusetts. Joining him at … Read more