4 Possible Disadvantages of Eating Chicken Every Day

Chicken is perhaps the most popular choice among non-vegetarians, from appetizers to the main course, there are a plethora of recipes that you can try with chicken.

Chicken is usually a healthy ingredient because it is full of protein and provides a number of nutrients to your body, but can daily consumption of it cause any side effects? A report published by the Times of India summarizes four main reasons for answering the question.

1- May raise cholesterol

Starting from the first reason, eating chicken the right way may not contribute to your high cholesterol levels, but it depends on how you consume it.

If you are a regular consumer of fried chicken, there is no doubt in the fact that your cholesterol level will rise.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that white chicken meat increased levels of bad cholesterol in the same way that red meat does.

Also, the study advised eating grilled or boiled chicken to keep your cholesterol levels under control.

2- High-temperature food

In addition, chicken is considered a high-temperature food, as it can increase the overall body temperature, and in simpler terms, it can cause heat in the body.

As a result, some people may experience a runny nose, especially during the summer.

Also, if you suffer from blood in the nose after eating chicken regularly, it is best to stop eating it for a while and return after a few days.

3- Weight gain

The third reason is weight gain due to eating chicken regularly. A number of meals such as biryani chicken, butter chicken, fried chicken, and many others are high-calorie food items that are very heavy on the stomach.

The report recommends eating them occasionally, but regular consumption will definitely lead to weight gain and may also cause high cholesterol.

4- Urinary tract infection

In parallel, certain types of chicken can also be linked to urinary tract infections, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Society of Microbiology mBio.

The study showed that chickens infected with a certain strain of E. coli can cause a range of infections, including urinary tract infections.

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