A cup of coffee a day will help you lose belly fat

Visceral fat or belly fat is one of the most annoying problems that trouble many, because it may lead to serious complications as it is near the vital organs of the body, so overweight people seek to get rid of it by all means and by following many diets that contribute to weight loss.

According to a report published on the Express website, visceral fat increases the risk of heart disease, so it is necessary to put an end to its loss, in order to avoid the risks resulting from it, because it affects the liver and intestines.

Experts revealed that a cup of coffee can be a magic cure to get rid of visceral fat, due to its vital components that consist of roasted coffee beans or consumed as green coffee, which also promotes the reduction of belly fat.

The report indicated that the daily consumption of coffee containing chlorogenic acids, at the rate of one cup per day for 12 weeks in a row, contributes to a reduction in the amount of visceral fat, the total fat area in the abdomen, body weight, and waist circumference as well.

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Coffee contributes to burning calories and getting rid of belly fat, but to achieve quick results, it is necessary to follow a diet based on low-fat proteins and avoid sugars and soft drinks to reach a smear belly as soon as possible.

Experts recommended the need to drink coffee daily without adding sugar while eating sufficient portions of fruits and vegetables at least 5 portions, eating foods rich in fiber that give you a feeling of satiety, along with seafood, and increasing water intake by at least 8 cups per day.

Adil Khan

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