Postponing the academic year for students to October 3

The Ministry of Education decided to postpone the start of the school year for all students to October 3 instead of September, in response to the proposal of the joint committee with the Ministry of Health. Reported by Al-Qabas.

According to official sources, the working hours of the educational and administrative staff in kindergarten, primary and intermediate schools will begin according to the Ministry of Education’s plan on September 19, to be followed by a week for their colleagues in the second stage on September 26.

The sources pointed out that the proposal to provide teachers and unvaccinated students a weekly PCR does not include those under 12 years old, stressing the commitment of education to the decisions and requirements of the health authorities in this regard.

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The sources explained the postponement of the start of the next academic year until October by giving the educational facilities and planning sector in education an adequate opportunity to carry out its work in schools, especially those related to various maintenance works and to avoid the recurring problem of air conditioning annually, in addition to allowing time for the Ministry of Health to vaccinate the largest possible number of students and teachers to ensure their safety.

They also confirmed the education’s tendency to form a working team in each school headed by its director or his representative, and the membership of 4 of its employees, to supervise and follow-up daily on the maintenance work and the necessary equipment for the implementation of the required health requirements that ensure the safe return of students without risk.

The sources expected that the teams would start their work next week, as they would be formed by the public education sector and educational districts.

Adil Khan

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