A disguised Vibhuti gives Tiwari a solution

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Anu and Angoori in hall. Vibhu walks in greets them and gives hot chocolate to Angoori and coffee to Anu. Tiwari knocks on door. Angoori says who is this. Vibhu says who it might be. Anu says you are so scared being a man and ask who is this ediot knocking door. Tiwari drunk says bad things have happen to me. Angoori gets up in shock. Anu says stay calm he is drunk can do new sense with you let Vibhu handle. Vibhu says buffalo why are you troubling this late. Tiwari says if I’m buffalo then my cart is inside. Vibhu Angoori is not kart she is Matador and I’m her driver. Anu calls him and says whya conversation is this what nonsense it is. Vibhu says I was just testing how much angry he is. Tiwari knocks says please open door my love. Vibhu ask her to say undergarments. Angoori shouts shutup undergarments. Tiwari says I never thought you will be that hard to me. Angoori says I take my word back. Vibhu says but you will not take your words back. Angoori says I will not take my words back. Tiwari says you hurt me a lot. Anu says forget it he is drunk and will make fuss of it. Tiwari outside crying. Vibhu, Anu and Angoori inside enjoying and drinking coffee.

Next day Tiwari in his room looking at Angooris photo saying I miss you where are you. Angoori walks in with milk call him and says have it. Tiwari ask wehre were you, I was burning from inside. Angoori says that’s why I feel hit after touching you. Tiwari praises her more. Saxena says I like it. Tiwari in shock and push him back says why are you disguised as Angoori. Saxena says I’m here to give you milk. Tiwari slaps him and go. Saxena drinks that milk.

Angoori and Anu in hall. Angoori says to Anu I like your Kurta. Vibhu walks in with hot beverages. Anu ask did you get hot water in bathroom. Angoori says I don’t that because I take shower from cold water. Vibhu says to Anu learn something you bath from boiling water. Anu says I take luke warm water. Vibhu says I checked that water it burns finger. Anu says is my skin of armour, its more sensitive that’s why I have to shower from lukewarm water. Vibhu mocks Anu and says a poem. Angoori says old people says you should use cold water to bath. Anu says I think so there are benefits of warm water, your pours open and your muscles relax but with cold water you feel breathlessness.
Helan and David walks in. Vibhu greets them. Helan mocks Anu. Angoori greet them both. David says se that girl greets everyone and our daughter in law not greetings at all. Anu says sorry greet them and says I got surprised. Helan and David says we always come without any notice. Vibhu says Anu is surprised to see you. Anu whispers I’m shocked of seeing them now what we will do if Angoori. Helan says what are you whispering. Anu says to Vibhuti please help me in kitchen and they leave

Vibhu says to Anu how can I say them leave this house. Anu says then what should I say to Angoori, send her back to Tiwari. Vibhu saya no she will not go. Anu says no need to shout just make arrangements for Helan and David. Vibhu says I don’t know what they will think. Anu says if they would have heen my relatives then you must have taken many actions till now. Vibhu says don’t compare your relative with me. Anu says what are you talking about comparison.
Angoori says to Helan have biscuit. Helan says what are you doing here. David shouts what are you doing inside come out. Helan says you can talk when we leave. Anu says so you are leaving. David says we just arrived and you are talking to leave, says to Vibhu look at your wife. Vibhu says Anu is right, you have to go. David ask where. Vibhu calls them with him to talk. They three leave.
Angoori says to Anu is there any problem because of me then I’ll leave. Anu says don’t worry he will arrange something for them. Vibhu says to David and Helan go and live with TMT. David says are you out of mind we will go and live with them I was going to name my 20crores property to you and you are doing like this to me. Vibhu says if you would have done that then now must be celebrating in my Jhakarkatti bunglow but you didn’t so jow suffer. David says okay I’m leaving for Bangkok. Vibhu says what you will do there, okay I have other option you can live with Tiwari and I’m getting new bottle will bring there. Helan and David says okay then lets go.

Tiwari in hall seeing watching Angooris photo on phone says why did you left me. Saxena walks in disguised as Angoori says here have breakfast. Tiwari says take it I don’t want to have it. Saxena says eat ir or how you will get energy, listen carefully I don’t want to hear anything I just know I love you a lot and can’t see you sitting sad, h ve me one chance and sit in his lap. Doorbell rings. Tiwari says looks like Angoori is here he push him and run to open door. See David getting shock. Tiwari says what are you doing here. David says poem. Helan says come to point. David says Iwe are here for stay. Tiwari says why can’t Vibhu keep you. David says Vibhu already have Angoori. Helan says you wife is burden for us. Tiwari says to Helan why are you talking like this, we had small fight and she left home. Helan and David walks in and sit. Helan says listen carefully till the time your wife don’t come back to your house we will also not leave. David looks at Saxena and says I’ll not leave you. Saxena blushes and says you will not get nothing. David start flirting with Saxena thinking he is women. Tiwari says what’s going on. Helan scolds David. Tiwari says he is man disguised as women. David says I can’t believe this. Saxena says come with me in bedroom I’ll clear everything.

Malkhan, Teeka and Tiwari having drinks. Tiwari says you told me alcohol will cure everything but I’m still in pain. Teeka says have patience its not one day job. Malkhan says it is like Ayurvedic medicine it takes time. Teeka says earlier we use to be sad a lot but from the time we got this we don’t have any problem in life. Tiwari says there is difference between you and me, I’m a married and I have pain for my wife. Vibhu walks in disguised as baba and says to Tiwari your wife let you, I saw lost people there path, you seem to be lost so came in to show you path. Tiwari says my wife is lost. Vibhu says your wife will come, there is well in which you have to throw a coin and wish what you demand like your wife. Tiwari says I don’t understand. Vibhu explain him and says you have to demand for your wife. Tiwari says if this happen then lie down in your feets and stay there forever. Teeka says to Baba give us blessings so that we get girlfriend. Malkhan says baba give us some ideas. Vibhu says people like your face die single.

Tiwari goes to wishing well and wish for a beautiful lady. Vibhu takes Angoori to listen everything.

Vibhu scolds Tiwari. Tiwari says return my wife to me. Vibhu says forget it.

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