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Vibhu and Tillu at Saxena’s house. Vibhu calls Saxena. Tillu says I will never forget how Saxena help us. Vibhuti says he helped us for kick, punch and slap. Saxena walks in says it’s bot necessary everything I do is for punch, slap or kick I did it because of love, he sees a lady in corner says you said to help lovers to get together so I helped them but nobody helped us and start playing violin. Vibhuti call Saxena and ask where are you lost. Saxena says you won’t understand you can go I don’t need anything in exchange but still I’ll help you.

Tiwari on call with Tillu Chopra ask where are you, come fast I’m waiting for you and calls Angoori. Angoori and Munmun walks to him. Tiwari ask all the arrangements are done. Angoori says yes everything is done but where is Tillu and BC, whne our Munmun will get married then she will be MC. Munmun says when I’ll get married to TC then I’ll go to MC Monti Carlo. Tiwari says don’t says MC or BC or other people will take it in other way say there full name Billu Chopra, Tillu Chopra.

Angoori and Munmun sitting in lawn. Tiwari walks to Angoori says don’t cook parathas I don’t feel good. Angoori ask then what should I cook in lunch. Munmun says make pani puri. Tiwari says it’s okay for you Munmun but won’t be good for me. Angoori says I’ll cook lady finger for you. Vibhu disguised as Billu and Tillu in rickshaw. Billu says to Tillu where do you live our car cannot come in here because they are so narrow our car couldn’t come. Tillu says I love to live here. Billu says then what I’ll do if Los Angeles land. Tillu says give to poor because I know what is the pain of being poor. Angoori says to Tiwari they are rich. Tiwari says yes I was fool not to understand how rich person was with us. Billu says to Tillu I heard you are wasting your time working at undergarments stall. Tillu says yes. Billu says you should feel ashamed of that, I’m angry on you. Tiwari walks to them and greet them. Billu ask Tillu who is he. Tiwari says I’m a businessman. Billu mocks him and ask who is this lady. Angoori says hello uncle I’m Angoori. Billu flirts with her. Saxena on street playing Violin passes them. Tiwari says my sister love your son Tilu and if we get your blessings then. Billu says Tillu is excited too and we cannot talk regarding marriage on street lets go in.

Billu says food food was amazing and says I cannot see Angoori. Angoori walks in says I went to bring some sweet dish for you. Billu flirts again. Tillu says my dad get use to get fits sometimes. Tiwari says no worries we will cure any fits for now Angoori says he is right Tiwari Mr. BC. Billu mocks Tiwari. Billu says to Tillu let’s go and book a room in hotel of 9star. Tillu says there aren’t any hotel which have star. Billu says now how will I stay you know I only like 9star super delux room so why didn’t you told me first I could have constructed a hotel before coming here. Angoori whispers to Tiwari is it okay if we ask them to live here. Billu says to Angoori talk loudly so that I can know what you are saying. Angoori says why don’t you live here with us, we will feel obliged. Billu says if you are requesting then I’ll stay. Tiwari ask Munmun to show them there bed and says to Billu if you need anything let us know.

Anu outside her house and calls Vibhu. His number is unavailable so Anu go inside house.

Tillu in bed looks at phone says I cannot live without you Munmun. Vibhuti walks in says how many girls did you fooled on this line. Tillu says I swear no girl give me chance to says everytime they go away before completing my sentence, looks at Vibhu says what you did why aren’t you disguis. Vibhu says my head was itching so took shower. Tillu says okay but be careful your small negligence could ruin everything. Vibhuti says don’t worry I’m not that mad. Tillu says please bear things in love. Vibhu says I’m already bearing things in love because I lone Anu so much. Tillu says I have never seen someone loving there wife so much. Vibhuti says worry about you and Munmun. Tillu says you are right I’m going to washroom and think about Munmun.

Vibhuti walks to window and see Anu in her bedroom. Anu sees Vibhu and calls him. Tiwari, Munmun and Angoori sleeping in hall on floor. Doorbell rings. Angoori get’s up and says to Tiwari please check someone is on door. Tiwari says wait I’ll check, open door and see Anu. Anu walks in and says call Vibhu. Angoori says he is not here. Anu says I saw him he was peeing from window. Tiwari says you have misunderstanding. Anu says I can find him in crowded places too there is no misunderstanding. Tiwari says they are our relatives cane from London his name is Billu Chopra father of Tilu Chopra. Anu says who is Tillu Chopra. Tiwari says our kid Tillu. Anu says when did he become Chopra. Angoori says he is Chopra since his birth, he had fight with his father. Anu ask who is his father. Tiwari says Billu Chopra famous businessman of London and CEO of company MCBC, Munnu Chopra father of Billu Chopra. Billu and Tillu come downstairs, Billu ask who is she and speaks in Urdu. Anu says sorry I cannot talk in urdu and my name is Anita. Anita ask who are you. I’m BC Billu Chopra. Anu says okay are you his father. Tillu says yes he is my father. Anu ask but why didn’t you told earlier. Tillu says I want to live in shadow but all of sudden my father found me. Anu says it’s just like your face matches to my husband and your personality also matches my husband. Billu says if I say your face looks like my wife so will you be my wife. Anu says I would like to see her photo so I know how will I look when I’ll get old. Billu says she is more young then you, she is in her teens. Anu says well that looks like a police case for you. Billu says no her name is Teena ans I call her teen. Anu says goodnight and leaves. Billu says your wife is so beautiful and you look very greedy. Angoori says to Billu good night uncle.

Next morning. Billu sleeping. Angoori brings tea for him and calls him BCC uncle. Billu wakes up and flirts with her, says it’s only BC ji. Angoori says okay here have tea.

Billu in balcony flirts with Angoori and fall down from balcony in Ammajis hand.

Tiwari says to Billu she is my mother, if you accept her along with my sister. Angoori says has a condition when she get married to you only then Tilu can marry Munmun

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