Aarav and Simar keep fast for each other

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The Episode starts with Aarav thinking of Simar and feeling cold. He imagines Thapki covering him with shawl, and then he covers her with the same shawl. Simar smiles. She is at her home and feels cold. Mahiya song plays….Aarav sets the clock timer off and says when I couldn’t sleep, then this will wake me up. He thinks he has a feeling that if he breaks his fast seeing Simar’s face then he will get some peace. He thinks it is sargi time now, seeing 4 am. Simar also thinks it is sargi time. Sandhya is standing near the dining table. Reema comes there and takes her blessings. Sandhya asks her to have the water from Vivaan’s hand, after looking at him. She says those husbands and wives are lucky, who get to keep this fast. Badi Maa comes there and says you leave no chance to surprise me. Reema and Sandhya touch her feet. Badi Maa blesses them. Reema looks at Vivaan and thinks he will break my fast with his hand. Badi Maa asks Maharaj ji, where is Anaar/pomegranate as it keeps the throat hydrated. Maharaj tells that he forgot about it. Badi Maa asks who used to do all puja arrangements before. He says since Simar bahu came, she used to do all the work and used to tell us. Reema says now the responsibility is mine.

Shobha, Chitra and Divya are seated at the dining table to have sargi. Divya is about to eat. Shobha asks her to wait for Roma, else she will count the list again. Divya asks if Roma will let us stay peacefully. Roma comes there and asks what she was telling? Divya praises her and serves her food, saying she made this kachori. Chitra asks how did you make it? Divya says by watching youtube video. Chitra says that’s why it is bitter. Roma thinks it is good Simar woke up me, else I would have missed sargi and this drama. Simar comes to Indu and Avinash and asks if they have the food. Indu says yes. Simar says I am thirsty, first will drink the water and then will take the plates. Indu says ok.

Sandhya comes to Aarav and asks him to have sargi, else he can’t eat before moon appears. She is about to make him eat, when Badi Maa comes there and asks what is happening here? Sandhya stops. Badi maa says you are eating sargi, have you gone mad. She takes the plate from him and asks if he is thinking to keep the karwachauth fast for that girl. She asks him to say. Simar thinks of Aarav’s words and is about to drink water. Avinash tells that Simar is moving ahead in life with a lot of courage. Indu says I thought she will get emotional. Simar says I have not moved on that I don’t keep fast for Aarav ji. She says if he stays hungry all day, then how can I eat? She says I don’t know about our relation, but if you get peace if I keep fast then I can do it all my life. She throws the water.

Badi Maa asks Aarav to say. Sandhya says it is not like that. She says Aarav used to eat my sargi in childhood and even now. She asks him to eat it. Aarav is about to take the food. Badi Maa stops him and asks him to leave his childhood habits, and asks if he will do this after getting married. He says I was searching happiness in my childhood moments and asks if I am wrong. Badi Maa says not yet and asks if he didn’t sleep? He says I try, but I can’t sleep, as my peace is snatched from me. Badi Maa asks Sandhya to complete her sargi rasam as sun might appear. Sandhya goes with her sargi plate.

Vivaan asks Reema if she remembers the divorce papers which he made? She says my memory is not weak, I remember your love and those papers. He says I am seeing that you are trying to make things right and I appreciate that, but if you try to do anything wrong with my family then that divorce papers can be made again, and this time, it will go to court with our signs . He says I know that you have realized your mistake and if this thing goes on, then I might forgive you one day. Reema says I don’t want your forgiveness, but wants your love, which I will get one day. She says for now, I have to help Aarav, he needs us at this difficult time. She says trust me, I will get him out of this difficult times, and says trust me. He says I can’t trust you. Reema keeps her forehead on his forehead and asks him to trust himself, and says I have connected my thoughts with your thoughts, now it is ok. Vivaan moves away.

Simar brings tea and coconut biscuits for Avinash. Avinash says did you forget that I have kept fast for your mother. Simar says you have passed in the test and praises him. Aarav says just like Papa has kept the fast, I will keep fast for you always and says you are looking beautiful. It is her imagination. Avinash asks why she refused to sing in Samar’s album. Indu comes there. Avinash hides tea from her. Simar says you are fasting and can’t drink. He whispers to her that he has hidden from Indu, as it is her weakness. Indu says I can fight with the world for you, what is tea infront of you? Simar says I can keep fast for my Aarav ji for months, and then says for someone close to me. Avinash asks her to take coconut biscuits and eat it. Simar is shocked.

Reema comes to Badi maa and asks did you call me? Badi maa gives her keys. Reema gets happy and says you are giving me keys so soon. Badi Maa says it is not good to see dreams with open eyes and asks her to open the almari and bring the envelope kept there. Reema brings the envelope and gives to Badi Maa. Badi Maa asks for the keys. Reema says I was about to give. Badi Maa says you kept this envelope in my room and asks why there are so many girls’ pics in this envelope. Reema says for Aarav’s marriage. Badi Maa thinks she is very clever and that’s standing infront of me. She thinks she shall take her help to get Aarav rid of Simar. She asks do you think Aarav will like any girl. Reema says yes, and tells that Aarav and Simar each other’s shields, and once one agree for marriage, other will get weaken and marry someone else. She tells that I am your student and learning from you. She says I know how to control relations. Badi Maa says I can’t do mistake in finding bride for Aarav. Avinash and Indu asks Simar to eat biscuit. Simar asks Mata Rani to do something. Avinash asks did you keep Karwachauth fast.

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