Aarav climbs the terrace for Simar and his Karwachauth fast

Sasural Simar Ka 2 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pandit ji saying karwa mata puja is done and asks them to go to garden and do puja of the moon. Shobha pretends to faint. Divya goes to the table and breaks the diyas kept in everyone’s plates for the puja. Lalit asks Shobha to drink some water. Shobha says she is fine, and says lets go outside. Sandhya asks Reema to bring puja plates. Vivek asks Vivaan about Aarav. Vivaan says he must be here. Aarav knocks on the door. Simar gets Aditi and Sandhya’s pic with a message. She is thankful to Aditi and says she is missing everyone, specially Aarav ji. She says don’t knowAarav ji has managed the fast, he must be hungry and thirsty. Indu asks Simar to help Samar to take the plates. Samar says lets go. Simar and Samar decorates the plates for the puja and keeps the stuff in it.

Roma tells Reema that she got the house decorated in filmy style. Reema says she is the bahu of a big khandaan. They find the diyas broken. Reema says I will not leave the person doing it. Roma says first we shall think what to do? She says badi maa will not leave you. Reema says she will send the driver to get 3 dozen diyas and then realizes badi maa gave them half day off. She says I will go by myself and get the diyas. Sandhya comes there and asks Reema to bring the plates and offers help. Reema says Roma di and I will bring. Shobha and Divya rejoice seeing them in trouble. Roma calls Indu for help. Simar picks the call. Roma asks Simar to give call to Maa. Reema takes the call and asks her to give call to Maa. Simar says I will call you after going to Maa. Reema says you are ending the call, as you don’t want Maa to help you. Roma scolds Reema for talking bad with Simar. Simar asks what is the problem. Roma tells her. Simar says I will send the diyas. Reema says how will you send and taunts her. Simar asks Roma to make atta diyas, as it is auspicious and will be made fast. She says Maharaj will help you too. They make diyas. Maharaji ji appreciates Simar for helping them even though far. Roma thanks Simar and asks if she will not say anything. Simar says I will talk to her later and ends the call. Samar looks at Simar through the mesh. Simar gets angry. He says he was joking and asks her to come.

The ladies tell that they are about to lose their lives, being hungry. Samar asks them to dance and sing. Simar says it is not allowed in the house and says how can anyone sing and dance without having food. Samar says you didn’t know the power of music etc. Aarav thinks only a magic can take him out from here. He looks at the window. Simar imagines Aarav and dances. She then sees Samar playing dhol and stops. The lady asks how much time, will it take for puja thaali to come. Reema ad Roma bring the plates with Servants’ help. Shobha tells Divya that they are not clever to make aata diyas, someone helped him. They sit to do the puja. Simar looks sad. Samar says moon has appeared. Simar goes from there. Sandhya, Reema, Divya and others do aarti of their husbands. Badi Maa sends Aditi to help Shobha. Simar comes to the railing and thinks I was hopeful that you will come here, but I was mad, why will you come here, with which relation? She takes the diya.

All the ladies at Oswal Mansion, look at their husbands through the mesh. Indu and others also do the ritual to break the fast. Simar looks at Aarav’s pic and does puja. Vivaan wipes Reema’s tears and says people smile in certain situation, but you are not normal. everyone break their fast seeing their spouse. Simar is doing aarti of Aarav’s pic, when he comes there climbing the balcony. Ranjhana plays. Simar says I am thinking anything, Aarav ji and here. Samar says where is Simar? He is about to go. The lady asks Samar to click his pictures. Samar asks them to smile. Simar is about to turn, when Aarav calls her. Simar looks at him and comes near him. Ranjhana plays……Aarav smiles.

Precap: Simar and Aarav break each other’s fast, while he slips and is about to fall down the railing. Simar gets worried and asks him to give his hand.

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