Abhay Manipulates Anant And Gehna

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Gehna gets an anger outburst due to Dr. Abhay’s given injection when Anant tries to get intimate with her and attacks him with a vase. She realizes her mistake and locks herself in bathroom thinking how can she attack Anantji. Family rushes in hearing a sound. Rasika asks if something is wrong here. Gehna calls Dr. Abhay and says she doesn’t know what is happening with her, she feels suffocated and is behaving weird. Abhay thinks he wanted her to behave weird to get her/Kajal back and says she need not worry as its hormonal imbalance due to treatment and asks her what exactly happened. She says with his advice, she didn’t let Anant near her and then got an anger outburst. He says she need not worry as its normal. Anant tells family that he hit his hand to mirror by mistake and vase broke down when mirror’s broken piece hit the vase. Rasika asks if he is sure. Anant says yes. Baa asks where is Gehna. Anant says she is in bathroom. Kanak thinks her plan to separate them is working. Baa takes family away.

Anant knocks bathroom door and requests Gehna to come out and speak to him and walks away when she doesn’t immediately. Gehna opens door and cries finding Anant already gone. Anant drives car remembering Gehna’s misbehavior and Baa’s warning that Gehna has changed. He escapes a horrific accident and hits his car to a wal. Dr. Abhay stops his car and asks if he is fine, his car looks damaged, so let him drop somewhere. Anant says he is fine. Abhay asks if he was trying to suicide after a fight with his wife, even he has gone through this situation and depression and got out of it valuing his life, so even he should go home and move on. Anant says he is not weak to feel defeated by life and commit suicide, he introduces himself. Abhay also introduces himself. Anant gets into his car and tries to start it, but fails. Abhay says maybe fate wanted to them befriend each other, so he will drop him.

Gehna waits for Anant during dinner. Baa sensing it reminds her that Anant already informed about his meeting and finishing dinner with client. Rasika yells at her for adding less salt in food. Kanak backs her and yells next. Gehna gets angry and mixes handful of salt in everyone’s dish, leaving everyone shocked. Anant asks Abhay how did he find that his wife was cheating on him. He says she used to get untimely phone calls, used to go out giving weird excuses, was behaving weird, and was unperturbed by all this. Anant remembers Gehna behaving similarly. Baa waits for Anant to inform him what his wife did. Anant returns heavily inebriated and says he doesn’t want to hear anything. Bapuji gets angry seeing him inebriated. Rasika says he should blame Gehna instead for Anant’s condition. Anant asks everyone to go and sleep. Bapuji asks what is happening between him and Gehna which forced him to drink, Gehna is emotionally labile and needs his help. Baa blames Gehna for Anant’s situation and curses her. Rasika backs her. Anant walks away. Bapuji feels bad seeing Anant and Gehna’s behavior.

Gehna thinks she cannot trouble everyone for her happiness and should inform everything to Anant. Anant walks in. She removes his shoes and explains him whole story, but heavily inebriated Anant is not in his senses to respond. She makes him lie down on bed and sleeps holding his hand, worried for him.

Precap: Gehna warns Kanak to dare not provoke her to hit her back. Kanak provokes her more. Gehna gives her a tight slap.

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