Abhimanyu comes to help at the wedding of Niyati and Aanad

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Abhimanyu apologizes to ram, he agrees to allow Abhimanyu to attend the wedding of Niyati but if his daughter gets in any trouble because of him, Kinkar thinks they both are his Niyati and Abhimanyu so decides to go and meet them at once but he is forced to leave after getting a call, Abhimanyu asks Ram to trust him because she will not get in any trouble because of him, Aanad exclaims they should go back home as it has gotten really late, Aanad taking the hand of Niyati asks her to come with him, they all leave while Abhimanyu is standing beside the police van, constantly looking as Niyati is leaving with Aanad, he starts weeping.

Manaroma asks Kinkar where is he because Abhimanyu has not returned as now, Kinkar explains he is at the police station where Abhimanyu is also with him and Niyati is the daughter of Ram and Sulochana , Manaroma questions why did he go to the police station, Kinkar exclaims she knew the truth about Niyati which is why she was trying to stop Jija jee, Manaroma agrees when Kinkar asks the reason exclaiming that she knows that only Niyati can make sure Abhimanyu gets healthy as he feels calm when she is around him however Manaroma exclaims it is not as straight forward, she assures to explain it after he comes back when Kinkar exclaims he is going to come back but will surely share it with Jija jee and she will also have to explain why she hid the truth from them.
Kinkar goes to the front but is shocked as everyone has left, he even enters the police station trying to find Abhimanyu however doesnot see him anywhere, he tries calling him, but Abhimanyu ends the call.

Niyati in her house is recalling the first time she met Abhimanyu, how she realized he is ill and so started his treatment, when he even crashed her wedding functions exclaiming, he is really happy she is getting married, when he actually loves her a lot , she is not able to shake the emotion and how he was about to kill her, then he himself exclaimed that he is going to end this relation, Niyati exclaims Abhimanyu ruined her life when he entered in it but now when he himself is going away from her then why is she feeling as if there is some part of her which is being left out.

Kinkar is driving the car and when he decides of calling Jija jee so he questions if Abhimanyu came back but Mr Panday replies that he did not come back from the police station, Kinkar exclaims there is something else which he needs to inform but before he can reveal the truth Kinkar gets in an accident, Mr Panday gets really worried on the call, Abhimanyu listens to the crash so he goes there and is shocked to see that it is Kinkar.

Abhimanyu is waiting at the hospital when Mr Panday comes with Manaroma, he asks Abhimanyu how is Kinkar but he instead informs Manorama that his Katapa Mama is going to be fine because he himself saw that he has not gotten much injury, Mr Panday asks what was the reason to talk while driving, Manaroma going to the window thinks that Kinkar might have tried to inform him about the truth even when he requested him to not do anything of the sort.

Sulochana is about to open the lid when Abhimanyu stops her, he calls her Choti Maa, he explains that he already has a mother and she seems a little younger so he asks for her blessing after which questions about Ram uncle, she replies that he went to meet the Pandit jee, Abhimanyu exclaims he left her with such responsibilities, Sulochana asks if he is hungry then exclaims he will serve him breakfast, Abhimanyu exclaims he has come to help them and not make them serve him, turning he dishes out the breakfast to leave when he sees Sulochana, he exclaims he has called her Choti maa so would never do anything wrong in the wedding of Niyati and Aanad, and as for the guest he would convince them because he is really charming so requests her to smile for him mentioning she looks really cute he leaves.

Niyati is sleeping when she opens her eyes however turns wondering why is she seeing Abhimanyu, he exclaims that when the eyes of someone are find this is what happens, Niyati gets up in a state of tension questioning what is he doing here, he replies he came to help and has a lot of work, she questions how did he come here, he jokes about it but then turns to leave saying she should get ready as he has a lot of work, she however holds his hand, he is also about to weep but then sees if something has not gotten twisted, he asks why has she held his hand, she questions why is he doing this because he has gotten the apology so should go to rest as he needs it, Abhimanyu exclaims he is doing this to stop this nurse that exists in her as he wants his friend to enjoy, Niyati in anger exclaims he should know there is a reason she is stopping him.

Abhimanyu exclaims that she first stopped him from loving her and is now even stopping him from doing this, he requests her to let him do what he feels like, Niyati exclaims she wants him to get healthy, but he would not be able to relax in the wedding however Abhimanyu exclaims that she is the one who has ruined his rest so must not worry about him, he leaves smiling while Sulochana is watching from the corner.

Sulochana is working when Abhimanyu also comes, she asks him why is he doing so much work when Abhimanyu requests her to not listen to anything that her daughter says as he is perfectly fine so his treatment is going smoothly, Niyati coming asks Sulochana to let Abhimanyu go back to his house, he exclaims he has the permission of his Choti Maa, Niyati questions since when is she his Choti Maa, Abhimanyu replies she even has a problem that he formed this relation with Sulochana but she is just jealous, Niyati gets frustrated Hearing this so exclaims she will also see how he doesnot go, she tries to take the gifts from him so they both struggle Sulochana recalls they childhood when they would fight over the doll and they both would complain about who started the fight, suddenly Ram from behind asks them both to stop this behaviour. Abhimanyu exclaims he was the one who said that he can be a part of the wedding when Ram replies he allowed him to be a guest, has he thought how angered Lata Di and Aanad would be because of what he might do, Sulochana takes Ram away , she asks him to allow Abhimanyu because if he leaves then might get an attack which would cause the problems however Ram stops talking, Abhimanyu exclaims that even uncle has accepted the proposal, Niyati replies he has not said anything when Abhimanyu replies that the way he is quiet means he has accepted it, Ram coming to Abhimanyu gives him all the gifts and decorations saying he would be the one to do them, Abhimanyu accepts saying he would do everything and that too without any objection.

Abhimanyu is working while Niyati is talking with some guests, he secretly tries to see her but when she looks at him, he turns away, he the burns his hand while placing the pot, seeing this Niyati also feels worried. They both look at each other when Abhimanyu is standing on the ladder.

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