Abhimanyu comes to know about his father’s plan

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Niyati asks Lata to take care of Maa when Sulochana questions where is se going, Niyati replies she is going for her father, Niyati goes while the father of Abhimanyu is waiting, she stands infront of him questioning why did he trap her father in a false case, he replies had he not done this all, she would not have even come to meet him let alone listen to his words but since now her father’s future she would not only listen to his words but also follow his actions, just as his sons future is in her hands, he recalls how Dr Sharma said that Abhimanyu not only accepts the treatment but also remains happy when Niyati is around Abhimanyu, he exclaims there is only one way and it is that she should wear this Mangal Sutur and pretend as if she has married hi, this would only remain till the time Abhimanyu has gotten healthy after which she can go wherever she desires, and for this work he would give her so much money that she would not have to work for the rest of her lives, Niyati replies Mr Panday is right because he has seen a lot of wealthy people like him beg for the health of their children in the hospital but at that time nothing can help them not even their money, Abhimanyu only needs his love which he was never able to give him but what he is doing now is really wrong and when Abhimanyu finds out the truth about him then would hate him even more, he must release his father and let her leave since she is about to get married.

Mr Panday exclaims that she doesnot know what he can do to her, Niyati replies she would herself get her father freed and doesnot need his help, Abhimanyu comes out from the corner clapping, seeing this Mr Panday gets tensed.

Niyati is standing outside when a car stops, she requests the official to help free her father, he asks her to reveal everything that happened, she explains how her Mehndi function was going on when the police came to arrest her father, he asks her to come with him.

Abhimanyu questions why he did this, Mr Panday explains that he did this for the sake of his happiness as Niyati has no other way but to come to him and marry him, Abhimanyu exclaims that he loves Niyati but cannot make a deal with her because she will never love him like this, Mr Panday exclaims whatever he does for Abhimanyu is never sufficient for him, Abhimanyu replies that he was never there in his life and so doesnot have any right to make the decision of his life, he reveals that he is going to make sure that Niyati’s father is freed.

Ram tries to drink some water but the inspector pushes the glass away questioning where is the one million, the official questions what is going on when the inspector explains that Ram has been charged with stealing the amount from the office where he works, Niyati explains there is no case since it says the amount got stolen at 5th whereas her father has been on official leave since the 2nd for her wedding so how can he steal it, the inspector tires to insist that Ram is indeed the thief when the official, scolds him questioning how can he blame Niyati’s father because when his daughter was admitted in the hospital, she was the one who took care of her even after her duty hours and when her father would come to pick her up, he tried a lot to give them some gifts or money and even offered them a ride however they refused, so how can he blame his father, he demands that Ram be released at once, and be dropped back with respect, Niyati thanks him for his help.

Abhimanyu reaches the police station where he sees the family walking out, he calls Niyati when Aanad asks what is he doing here, Abhimanyu exclaims he has come to apologize for his father’s mistakes because he tried to blackmail Niyati into getting in a fake marriage with him so that he could get better easily but when he came to know about this, is when he came running to free Ram uncle but forgot that he is the father of Niyati, when she cares so much about her patients then how did he forget that she would do anything to save her own father, Aanad in anger takes him by the collar questioning have they thought of Niyati as a toy, he exclaims his family is really disgusting. Abhimanyu tries to clarify but Lata Didi asks him to shut up saying they have listened to him but now are the ones who would speak, she says that first he came and tried to ruin her Mehndi and then his father did this to humiliate Ram in front of everyone, Aanad questions how much would they humiliate their family and what they desire, Abhimanyu requests a chance to apologize to Ram when Aanad tries to slap him however Niyati comes in between them both saying that it was all the doing of his father and Abhimanyu had nothing to do in it all.

Mr Panday says Abhimanyu cares more about that nurse then his own father and for that he left him, he will now say anything as Abhimanyu can do whatever he desires, Manaroma tries to explain that he must free the father of Niyati as Abhimanyu is ready to give his life for her, if he gets in a fight with his family then the difference between him and his son would widen even more, Mr Panday exclaims that he will go with Kinkar and get his father freed, however Manaroma stops him from going saying why does he need to go when it can be done on the call.

Abhimanyu apologizes to Ram exclaiming he knows he cannot apologize for what his father has done but now will do the one thing and end the stupid love story right now, Kinkar while driving the car wonders what his sister is doing as he cannot understand anything.
Abhimanyu going to Niyati exclaims he will leave her, never come in between Aanad and herself but knows she doesnot love him however he would like to attend her wedding and play his part in her rituals as then she would be relieved, he can take care of himself. It will also be easy for him since then he would know it will be easy for him to go away from her.

Abhimanyu going to Ram exclaims he is their culprit and is apologizing, they can forgive him thinking of him as his own Munna, Sulochana starts to think of the past when they would love him like their own son, Kinkar stops the car when he sees Abhimanyu apologizing to someone however is shocked to see that they are Ram and Sulochana, he is amazed to realize that Niyati is their daughter. Ram accepts saying that even when he did not want to do this but if this causes happiness to Niyati then he will allow Abhimanyu to attend her wedding. Kinkar is not able to believe what he has heard.

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