Abhimanyu is about to take his own life in order to prove his love for Shugun

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Abhimanyu mentions that even knees have given up so she should also give an answer, he says she should only say yes, Shugun hesitantly asks him to stand up, she explains that he is a really nice person because he saved her from the goons but she can just one thing, she asks if he would like to come have the Puchkas with her, Niyati feels restless, when he exclaims they can have the Puchkas of love, Aanad and Niyati follow them.

Dr Sharma questions the person what was the need to hit her so hard, wondering what might have happened if she got hurt, he is surely relieved to see that she is still alive, Dr Sharma receives a call on the phone, he questions what was the need to have her killed even when she heard their conversation, he is stunned to hear that now she would be wiped off from the face of earth, the person in the hat takes her away.

Abhimanyu while talking with Shugun exclaims she would be wondering what kind of a person he is since he has talked so much with her on their first meeting, he exclaims that he believes in saying whatever is in her heart so will just say that he really loves her, Shugun however doesnot agree with his opinion saying that she doesnot believe in love at first sight as it is just a wrong notion, Abhimanyu questions if she has been deceived in love but Shugun replies she doesnot have any time for such nonsense as her parents sent her to become a doctor and she needs to fulfil their dreams, Abhimanyu however doesnot let her leave, he pulls her back holding her hand seeing which Shugun is left stunned.

Saira is tied up in a chair at an old warehouse, she wakes up and is trying her best to get out but she is not able to, the person in the black hat brings the food for her, he leaves placing it beside her, Saira thinks about how she heard Dr Sharma talking on the phone so exclaims she needs to run away from this place as soon as possible since she knows they are trying to ruin the treatment of Abhimanyu, she sees a piece of glass on the floor so pushes the chair, she manages to open the knots with the help of that glass, Saira tris to open the door but it doesnot help when she hears someone approaching, she hits the person with that can before running out.

Abhimanyu says to Shugun that she is trying to defy the one thing which exists in this world as there is surely love and he has fallen in love with her, Niyati thinks of the time when she tried to stop Dr Sharma but Saira said that it is all happening because of Abhimanyu, Shugun refuses to accept the notion of love saying that these are just the dialogues which are said in the films, she questions that he said he can do anything for the sake of love, Shugun asks him to take his own life if he truly loves her.

Shugun leaves in angry when he friend tries to stop her, Abhimanyu goes to the vendor taking the knife from him, he starts twisting it when the friend of Shugun asks her to look at what he is doing, Abhimanyu exclaims he would now prove the love which he has for her, he is about to stab himself with the knife, Aanad tries to stop Niyati thinking if this happens then they all would not have to deal with Abhimanyu anymore, however Niyati manages to stop Abhimanyu by holding the knife before he can stab himself, he says that she might hurt herself but she doesnot care, Niyati injures her hand, she is leaning against Abhimanyu. Niyati drops the knife, Shugun is also shocked to see the blood, Abhimanyu himself gets really worried seeing she has injured herself.

Saira is running on the roof trying her best to escape, she reaches the end of the building so gets scared, she manages to jump off from the end and not hurt herself, she starts running with all her might so that she can escape the captors, Saria sees a lady walking so starts requesting a stranger for a phone so she can make a call since she is being followed by some people, Saria starts thinking about the contact of Niyati however the mobile is placed in the car so Niyati doesnot pick up, Saira wonder what can she do now since Niyati is not answering.

Abhimanyu questions what is she doing here, he asks if she is from CID since she comes where he goes to, Niyati questions what was he trying to do since this is all just a stunt for him, Niyati questions if he thought what would happen to his family if something happened to him, Shugun also explains that Niyati is right since he starts doing whatever he feels like without thinking about the implications, Abhimanyu replies this is what love is since they don’t care about the results and only the feelings of love which they have for each other, Shugun exclaims that she has understood he cares a lot for her and even has feelings but she cannot love him since they are strangers, Abhimanyu questions then what is the problem since they will eat the Puchkas and get to know each other, however Niyati stops him ordering him to go and sit in the car since he will go back home as everyone is waiting for him. Abhimanyu asks Niyati if someone also left her, he says that someone like him would have left her as she is really smart but a bit bossy, and pretty but a little arrogant, since people like him tend to fall in love with someone cute and Bublie while Niyati would look with a serious person, Abhimanyu asks her to not be angry as he has only got today to get the person he likes fall in love with him when she is ordering him to go back home.

Abhimanyu says he has a lot of things to do, he needs to eat the Puchkas and also get to know the love of his life, he requests Aanad to take Niyati back home.

Ram in the house wonders who is calling him, he answers it and is shocked to see Saira in such tension, he questions what has happened when she requests to meet him asking if he is in the house, Ram immediately agrees allowing her to come, Saira appreciates the help of the lady.

Abhimanyu tries to walk away asking Shugun to come but Niyati stops him holding his hand.

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