Abhimanyu proposes to Shugun infront of Niyati

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Niyati is leaning against the chest of Abhimanyu, he pushes her away then going to the mirror starts applying the hair spray, she asks he is so quiet so it means that someone has placed a silencer on the machine gun, he comes back signalling that he is quiet because of Manaroma, Niyati realizes that she made him swear and so questions if he really listens to this extent, she explains that it is really nice, Niyati then brings the medicine and so Abhimanyu takes it without saying anything when she says that he would be feeling really tensed because he is not able to talk, he signals that he has been like this for the past five hours, she says that she can talk on his behalf with Manaroma jee since she would surely accept her desire and allow him to talk but why would he even need her help so she is going to leave but Abhimanyu stopping her once again requests her to talk with Manaroma, she says that he should request nicely, only then she will go and talk with Manaroma, Niyati finally agrees and so goes to Manaroma, Abhimanyu also feels relieved that he would be able to talk.

Dr Aanad calls Saira ordering her to go to the house of Dr Sharma, from where she will take all the files relating to the case of Abhimanyu, he asks her to scan the entire case files and mail them to him as soon as possible, Saira asks if Abhimanyu is fine when Dr Aanad replies that he is still in Lucknow and now Abhimanyu would be truly fine, he says that he would talk after she sends the files.

Mami jee asks Devi to bake the bread while she will make the vegetables, Devi exclaims that Mami jee should be in politics as she is asking her to make and prepare the bread while she would just make the vegetable, Mami jee replies she is asking her to make the bread since she doesnot have any taste, Devi gets mad when Manaroma comes assuring they all will prepare the food together, Kamna coming offers to make it but Manaroma stops her explaining she needs to be with Niyati when she gives Abhimanyu his medicine, Niyati also enters the kitchen where Mami jee explains she heard Niyati is a really good cook, Devi replies that she has really strong ears as she even hears what no one is able to, Niyati explains that she will cook it all and they can give her marks, Mami jee explains that she can ask Devi if she needs any help, Niyati asks Manorama to come with her, Kamna starts working in the kitchen.

Niyati while climbing the stairs assures that everything is fine, but Maa should take back her vow which she has forced Abhimanyu to follow as he has not been able to speak, Manaroma explains that it is good for them all since he remains fine till the time h is quiet but Niyati explains she should wonder what might happen if he is not able to inform anyone of them because of the vow, Abhimanyu secretly walks out of the room, he signals Niyati asking if she has agreed, he also questions Manaroma who mentions she has only agreed because of Niyati but if he talks in any rude manner then she will start beating him, he asks her for her promise when she mentions he has gotten too old but he makes her promise, Abhimanyu suddenly starts feeling unwell and acts as if he has hurt his chest, the entire family comes running when Kichu also asks what is going on but he exclaims that he had not talked for so long so needed to talk, Kichu exclaims this means that there is no problem when Manaroma requests him for some time as she will make it but Niyati exclaims she is going to prepare the lunch, Abhimanyu starts questioning why would she make the lunch as she is not the cook but his nurse however Niyati says that she felt like making it since the Paw Bhaji is a really famous dish of Mumbai, she asks if he would like to have it when Abhimanyu explains he will only eat what is prepared by his mother.

Niyati is in the kitchen when Amma je brings Devi and Mami jee questioning why they are not helping Niyati as she is cooking the entire lunch after taking care of Abhimanyu when Mami ex claims that she starts scolding them a lot but Amma je forces them to work and even asks the Vidhi what is she doing using the mobile, she mentions that she is looking at the recipes when Amma jee questions what would she do after getting married. However, she says she will get married into a house where she would not be allowed to work. Amma jee mentions that she is a really mischievous girl, she leaves asking Devi and Mami jee to help Niyati. Amma jee coming exclaims that it has a really decent smell, even Kichu sitting at the table mentions that he would really enjoy eating the lunch, Karan exclaims he is going to start it without them all, Kinkar questions if Kichu remembers the old street where they used to go. Amma jee asks Niyati to go and call Abhimanyu, she is walking into the room is not able to find Abhimanyu when she is shocked that he is not there, she even looks into the bathroom when Aanad walks into the room exclaiming that he saw Abhimanyu leave the house, he exclaims they must tell everyone, but Niyati requests him to come since they both will find him.

Saira reaches the house of Dr Sharma, she is curious about why is the door open when she hears him talking on the phone, Saira secretly walks behind him when she hears him talking with someone explaining how he has done exactly as the person asked him to do, Saria exclaims that she cannot believe that such a big thing has happened, she must tell Niyati but Saira is shocked when she turns because someone is standing in front of her, she gets scared so the person hits her on the head so she falls unconscious.

Niyati and Aanad are not able to find Abhimanyu, she is shocked to see that he is sitting on his knees while holding a rose, Niyati wonders what is he doing when she is shocked to hear that he is proposing to Shugun, Aanad questions what is she doping as she herself said they must hide the truth from him, Niyati mentions that she felt he had a crush but this is getting way out of hands so he must know the truth, Aanad thinks he cannot let Niyati reveal the truth since Abhimanyu himself has brought another girl into his life, Aand warns Niyati to wait and let him do as she herself said the positive side is that he is saying the exact same things which he said to her, she must therefor be patient, Niyati calms down.

Abhimanyu mentions that now even his feet are feeling tried so she must say anything, he corrects himself saying she must just say yes. Shugun doesnot know what she should say to him.

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