Abimanyu informs Niyati that he is leaving Mumbai

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In the heavy rain of the night, Abhimanyu stops his motorcycle at a phone booth, he starts checking his pocket but is not able to find any change, going to a beggar he asks for a coin after offering him a note of two thousand rupees, he calls his mother who greets him as Munna, she asks what is the reason he is crying, Abhimanyu asks is he really a bad child, Manaroma exclaims he is not at all bad however Abhimanyu explains he has hurt them all by causing them pain, Abhimanyu mentions he has hurt Niyati, he called her to reveal his truth but she instead slapped him without even listening to anything which he had to say, she requests him to tell her his address as she will come to meet him, he however ends the call saying he doesnot want to meet anyone, she even sits on her bed crying.

Sulochana asks why did she slap him, Saira coming explains it was necessary as otherwise he would never have left Niyati so she had to do something, Niyati recalls how he was the one who helped her get back the umbrella and even mentioned he doesnot like the disrespect of a mother, then she recalls how he thrashed everything exclaiming he is at fault, Niyati’s father comes mentioning she faced such a situation which trembled her so she slapped him, Sulochana explains he was worthy of being slapped because he made a mistake, Niyati replies this is not the case because his reaction after she slapped him is the reason she is worried because he started hurting himself, which is why she believes he is ill, she is worried he might do something to himself so they have to find him, Sulochana asks if she thinks of herself as a police officer because there are other people who can take the responsibility in this city, she must do her work, Niyati replies she believes he is ill as this is her job , her father agrees to go and search for Abhimanyu but Sulochana asks where would they search, her father replies they will search for him until they can, as then Niyati would be relieved that she tried her best, they both leave without listening to Sulochana.
Abhimanyu stopping his bike goes inside a Mandir, he is standing prays with his teary eyes, Niyati along with her father and Saira reach the market, where they ask Chotu if Abhimanyu returned however he replies that he did not come back.

Abhimanyu then goes to the Dargah where he prays, Niyati is still searching for him in the auto while Abhimanyu goes to the Gurdwara, he finally enters a church, Niyati starts asking about him, Abhimanyu accidentally drops the wax from the candles over his hand, so he leaves.

Niyati is standing outside searching for him when he walks to the other side, Niyati is still looking when she suddenly hears the tone which he plays on his harmonium, she starts running when her father stops her asking for how long would they search for him as he might have gone someplace far away, Niyati replies that this sound which he plays, his father replies he has not heard anything, he explains it has gotten very late and they must return as Mumbai is a really big city.

In the morning Niyati is with Saira, who requests her to not be worried about Abhimanyu since he is not her patient, Niyati explains even then he is ill so it is her duty as a nurse to help him, Niyati is said that Dr Aanad is calling her to the board room, she peeks into the room but is not able to see anyone, she enters the room where a recoding of the birthday celebration of Abhimanyu starts playing, she starts smiling when suddenly the lights turn on and someone touches her shoulder from behind, it is Manaroma who mentions she is the mother of Abhimanyu and she is the only one who can help them, she doesnot know that her son is ill, Niyati explains she realized it last night, Manaroma asks what happened, Niyati explains the the entire situation and how he started slapping himself, she mentions that after that slap something inside him changed as before that he was smiling but after that it felt as if something wrong has happened, she tried searching for him last night but was not able to find him.

Manorama questions if he said Good bye to her, Niyati says no then she replies this means he would surely meet her once again when Dr Aanad explains it is not right to think of etiquette from a mentally unstable person, Manorama replies that it is a thing of habit, Dr Aanad explains that just as Manaroma said, Abhimanyu would try to meet her and when he does she just has to call them and they will come to capture him, Manaroma says he is her son and not an animal, Dr Aanad replies Now he is just a patient for him, Manaroma asks Niyati if she would help her, to which Niyati agrees.

Niyati is feeling worried at the hospital while Abhimanyu is riding the motorcycle, she goes to the tea stall where Chotu asks if she would like to have the tea which he makes as Abhimanyu says that it tends to end the tension, Chotu brings two teacups when Niyati asks if he is going to make her drink the tea of ​​Abhimanyu, Chotu replies why when he will himself drink it, she turns and is shocked to see him waving her from his motorcycle, he coming exclaims that it is good as she ordered a cup for him before he even arrived.

He starts drinking it when Niyati secretly sends his location to Manaroma, she very excitingly asks her brother to drive fast as she is with her son. Niyati mentions she came to apologize to him about what happened last night, Abhimanyu replies there is nothing to be sorry about as he hurt her feelings in front of the entire hospital so she slapped him but he doesnot keep anything in his heart and felt a strange feeling for Niyati so revealed it, however this was not according to her desires so she slapped him, which angered him however now everything has ended between them, their short love story and even friendship, Niyati questions why do they have to end the friendship, Abhimanyu explains it is because of the mixed feelings which they will have for each other as he will keep loving her while she is just going to consider him as a friend, he doesnot want to live like this so has found a simple solution, Niyati questions about it, he exclaims he is going to leave the city which shocks Niyati, she just keeps staring at him.

Manaroma asks her brother to stop the car as this is the location which Niyati sent, she will finally be able to meet her son, Niyati is still not able to believe that Abhimanyu is leaving the city.

Precap: Abhimanyu explains he is going to leave Mumbai with a bus, Sulochana questions if he has ever thought how hurt Niyati would feel after knowing they have kept such a secret from her, her father explains if he is not able to find those people within seven days then he will tell her the entire truth, Niyati says the closest bus stop is of Goregoun so they must go there.

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