Aditya Jealous With Imlie’s Success?

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Imlie visits the temple and shows her article to god’s idol. She says Babusaheb told an author’s name is written on byline. She prays god to keep Babusaheb happy. She notices Aaprna and Radha entering temple and shows her news article to them. Aparna noticing her tells Radha that this is the article she was talking about, whoever has written it, her family must be very happy. Imlie asks them to be happy then. Aparna gets emotional and says if she had conscience, she wouldn’t have let her leave house and requests her to return house. Imlie changes topic and leaves saying she is getting late for office. Aparna and Radha hope she returns home soon.

Imlie runs and clashes with Aryan. His pooja flowers fall down. He asks if she is taking revenge, why didn’t she go to office yet. She says she wanted to perform pooja. Narmada notices her and talks to her in her broken English. Imlie replies in her broken English. Narmada praises her article. Aryan says Imlie this the only proper work she did till now, she dropped her pooja thali now. Narmada says she will get a new thali. Imlie says she will accompany her. Narmada says she will manage and asks Aryan to take Imlie along to office. He denies. Imlie says he drives too rashly and describes how he drove during his last trip. He nervously denies fearing his mother’s scolding. Narmada finally convinces Aryan to take Imlie along. Imlie walks behind Aryan continuing her jokergiri.

During breakfast, Aparna and Radha discuss about meeting Imlie in temple. Nishant says Imlie must be celebrating after her article is published in front page. Aditya joins them. Malini says Imlie must have given credit to Aditya as he mentored her. Aditya sits silently. Malini says Aditya worked hard to mentor her, she was roaming around him earlier and now must be roaming around her new friend forgetting his friendship, at least she respects Aditya’s hard work and stored his articles in her scrap book, Imlie wants to attain success fast and easily forgot Aditya’s help selfishly. Rupali says she doesn’t know whom she is talking about, their Imlie is self-dependent and doesn’t roam around anyone, she is talented and is staying in hostel to protected her self-respect and not like someone who is staying here even after much insults. Aparna stops her. Malini thinks they are hurt with Imlie staying in hostel, she needs to do something regarding this.

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