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The Episode starts with Gautama saying Khanderao will be going on the Rajputana mission, you will be staying here, right. Malhar says yes, if I have to go, then I will give Malwa in responsible hands. She says you mean Ahilya, she is the most responsible. He says right. She cries and goes. Yamuna hears this. She goes to Dwarka and says Malhar is favoring Ahilya again, he will give the Rajya responsibilities to Ahilya. Dwarka says Ahilya has a good fate, she always wins. Yamuna says yes. Dwarka says Malhar will make her a Devi. Gunu ji comes and says Devi will soon become a Daayan, if this marriage happens, then a bad accident will occur, then the people will not spare Ahilya. Dhana ji says we will plan that accident. Dwarka asks what did you think. Gunu ji says Sita told me that Renu and Parikshit are going to the temple with Ahilya and Khanderao, anything can happen there. Dwarka says I have told you many times, I don’t want any threat on Khanderao and Ahilya, there shouldn’t be any attack on a family member, but Renu and Parikshit can get punished for their crime, I have no objection. Gunu ji says fine.

Renu and Parikshit try to get Gautama’s blessings. She steps back and taunts. She asks Khanderao to take them outside, she has to talk to Ahilya. Khanderao goes with them. Gunu ji says I have a chance to become the Senapati of Rajputana mission. Dhana ji laughs.

Gautama scolds Ahilya and says Khanderao would have taken the decision in the darbar, but you have come there as Praja to appeal again, Malhar supported you, the society is seeing us as the culprits, we don’t know what problems will come on us , you have invited bad luck by supporting a sin like a widow remarriage, you will be responsible for everything that happens now. Ahilya cries.

Malhar comes to Harku’s room. She gets tensed seeing him. She asks shall I get anything for you. Malhar says our marriage happened many years ago, but you still get nervous seeing me. She says you don’t come at this time, you may sit. He asks won’t you apply perfume to me today. She smiles and gets the perfume to apply. He asks do you think my decision to permit Renu and Parikshit’s marriage is right, everyone is saying… She says you can never be wrong, I felt so proud today when you made Acharya speechless by citing the Veds, you did a good thing for a widow to give her a new life, I’m lucky to get you as my husband, many people are saying a lot, the world will praise your move tomorrow, you are counted in the brave warriors of the country, I felt you are bravest, because its bravery to go against the society and support the common people, many get scared of losing the throne and step back, but you didn’t do this. Malhar cries and says I made the people upset. She says those who don’t understand are upset. He says many in the family are also upset, I don’t want troubles in my family. She asks are you talking about Gautama. He says she doesn’t like me supporting Ahilya, how shall I step back when Ahilya is right, its the truth, Ahilya has started a new trend from here. Harku says yes, Gautama’s annoyance will end. He holds her hand. He says you are still keeping the promise to me, I’m happy to see this. She smiles. He says you are really Ahilya’s well wisher and show her the right path, I can come in your room anytime without hesitation, I know there won’t be any expectation or demand, I can share everything with you.

Khanderao sees Ahilya crying and says you always do what you think is right. He consoles her. She says I feel bad when my family doesn’t understand me, I was 9 years old when I came here, I was scared of Gautama, then she loved me and took my mum’s place, I feel bad when she finds me wrong. She cries. He says everyone has different perception, she is scared after I got hurt that day, she got frustrated in worry, don’t feel bad of her words. Ahilya says we will go now, we have to reach the temple, its far. They leave.

He asks her to smile and not get upset. She smiles seeing Renu and Parikshit happy. Khanderao sees Ahilya and thinks her heart is really of gold, who gets so much happy for others’ happiness, I’m lucky to get a wife like you, you are my life. They all leave for the temple. Ahilya tells about the temple. The goons are hiding on the trees.

Ahilya and everyone pray at the temple. The goons attack them. Khanderao fights the goons.

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