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The Episode starts with Malhar saying this is really risky if you want to go there as a commoner, because your name and identity will give you protection. Ahilya says I m going between the people, who are like family, so we shouldn’t think of any way to get protected fromthem. He says whatever you are tryong to do is a big thing. She says I didn’t tell this to anyone in the family, but this will be difficult. He says you are a woman, you have to face more struggles than a man, but a country is of a man and a woman, sometimes lies said for a good cause gives you good deed, your Lord is with you, I m with you, get fearless and go, no one can stop you. She smiles. Dhana ji says you have always stopped me, if I had done this before. Dwarka asks what could you do. He says I had given an assurance to Gunu ji since years, Malhar always feels everyone is incapable, except his son. She says don’t blame Malhar, Gunu ji has done wrong with the farmers, you know Malhar doesn’t believe in cheat, stay alert now, try to win Malhar’s trust. He thinks will I get myself arrested. She asks didn’t you know this that someone is collecting tax in a wrong way. He says no, I would have not let this happen, I have to find the culprit soon to clean Gunu ji and my image. Gautama comes to the kitchen. Ahilya asks when are we doing Sankranti haldi kumkum. Gautama says tomorrow evening, Harku you see the gifts to be given to the guests. Harku nods. Ahilya says then we have to go to temple with the shagun haldi and laddoo. Gautama says yes, I m glad to hear this, you remember this. Ahilya says I m seeing this since years, shall I go to the temple with shagun. Gautama says yes. Ahilya smiles. Rakma looks on.

Dhana ji pays a man and says you have to go the work, no one should know that I met you. The man says sorry, who are you, I m seeing you for the first time. Dhana ji laughs and says you are sensible. Rakma stops Dwarka and says Ahilya is going for some work on the shagun pretext. Harku comes to Ahilya. She says I have come to keep an eye on you. Ahilya smiles. She takes the shagun. Dwarka stops Ahilya and says I will come with you to the temple. Malhar comes and says Ahilya, tell them that I have to talk to my four queens today, I will be leaving for mission tomorrow, I have to talk to you all and give some new responsibilities, Ahilya was thinking, if you go with her, then how will you become a part of this imp discussion, you can go if you want, I will give the rights to my other queens. Dwarka says its fine, Ahilya will make my prayers reach Devimaa. Ahilya says sure. She goes. Ahilya reaches the temple and does the shagun rituals. She says I will have dhyaan in the backside room for some time. She prays and goes with Sarja. Dwarka says I can’t go there, you can go, go there fast and find out what Ahilya is doing. Yamuna nods and leaves. Dwarka says I shall find out why she went there. Sarja gives a new look of an old woman to Ahilya. Ahilya asks how do I look. Sarja says no one can identify you. She applies the black dot to Ahilya and says I applied this to my Rajya queen who is brave.

Ahilya leaves from there. Yamuna comes to the temple. She greets pujari ji and asks did Ahilya come here. He says yes, she came to keep shagun, then she went to do dhyaan. Yamuna goes to check. The lady says there is no place inside, come later for dhyaan. Yamuna says I didn’t come to do dhyaan. The lady stops her. Yamuna thinks I feel Ahilya isn’t here. Sarja sells the curd. Raiba greets and wishes her happy Makar Sankranti. He sees Ahilya. Ahilya thinks he can identify me.

Yamuna says Ahilya isn’t in the temple. Everyone thinks where did Ahilya go. A man says I think I have seen you somewhere.

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