Akanksha insists on buying her childhood house

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Akanksha enters the bungalow, Karan walks beside her as she goes to the front gate, opening it they both enter the house which is covered in spider webs, Akanksha goes to the stairs where she has to avoid the webs, she along with her brother goes to the balcony when Karan thinks of the time when Akanksha won the Miss Indore and he had to push the crowd away as they would come to meet her even at night, they both leave the house.

Mr Chokse looks at the invitation when he calls Nariyan to distribute them to all the employees, Khushal jee also asks for one then calls Rakesh and Amita jee to see how they have got the invitation of a party being hosted by Mr Kapoor, Amita asks if this doesnot seem something to be worried about as they are government employees so it might feel awkward however Nariyan says that they all should not worry since their boss would also be there when in any government office they should work in a single manner, this way they all would face whatever happens, Khushal jee exclaims he has heard the parties of these people are really elegant, so they would have to go with preparation.

Chokse sir sees Manav who throws the invitation in the bin, he going there asks what has he done as he so casually threw the invitation in the bin when it is because of his report that Mr Kapoor got the law changed so in reality he is the one behind the party, Manav replies whatever Mr Kapoor did is his lookout and what Chokse sir desires to do,is his, however Manav just desires to come and work in the office, and he wants that they should allow him to do his work honestly , Chokse sir exclaims no one is stopping him but he just meant that even Manav should enjoy however he replies that he is enjoying.

Akanksha walks out with Karan exclaiming that Papa bought this bungalow for her and if he was still alive then she would never have left this bungalow, she walks out of the house when Yatharth is going with Manav, he recognizes Akanksha so they stop, when Manav asks what is he doing here when Akanksha exclaims that she has decided as they will now buy this bungalow as a flat is nothing much in front of this house, Manav however says that he has even given the token money, everything is final so how can they change it at the last moment, Akanksha says there is no need to be worried about the token money because they will adjust it however she desires to buy this house, which is one of her dreams that were never fulfilled, Manav while laughing asks her to make a list of all those dreams which were not fulfilled, she replies she is not joking when Manav explains even he is not joking but this Bungalow is above their financial capabilities, she must forget it however Akanksha requests to f irst talk with the owner, she tries calling him but it is not connecting when the person calls her, she explains she saw the for sale board on his property and so desires to know the price, he explains that he will give her the house in just ten million when the market price is 13.5 million.

Rhea calls Manav questioning if he would reach the house today, Manav explains they are standing in front of her house, she asks the reason, Manav sitting with them all explains that Akanksha got to know that her childhood house is for sale at the price of ten million, Akanksha exclaims that they are being given a discount of 3.5 million, Manav tries to explain that the reason she is being given such a discount because their might be some sort of problems in the house, Rhea however says that as a friend she is bound to tell Akanksha that the house is not right.

Ranay also says to Agarwal that he knows the stories about the house as a lot of bad things happened to his family, his wife died in the same bungalow and also Gupta jee who lived here before went through a lot of problems and even the Agarwal jee who was tied up in a scam and then died, even then he is demanding so much money.

Akanksha sitting with them is adamant that she just desires to buy this house and would not settle for anything less, Manav straight forward replies he cannot afford to buy such a big house.
Mr Agarwal says that he will not settle for less than 15 million, Mr Kapoor explains he knows that Agarwal jee is a habitual in bidding, he has lost a lot of money and even his house is mortgaged, so if he makes even one call then no broker in Indore would look towards his house, Mr Agarwal remains adamant when Vibhav replies he never negotiates for the sake of money but rather for the pride of winning, then he exclaims Mr Agarwal should sign the papers against ten million, he leaves after signing the papers, Vibhav wishes Ranay mentioning that this bungalow would now help change his fate.

Manav is driving the car, Akanksha is really frustrated, he receives a call from an unknown number, answering it finds that it is Karan who asks him to send the documents as they need to start the procedure for the registration of the flat, Manav says that now he is taking Akanksha to cool down, Manav asks Akanksha why is she so lost, Akanksha replies that even her father was a government official and could not afford a bungalow but even then he hired one just for their happiness, Manav exclaims one should have the intent to relive the past memories which is why he is taking her to eat her favorite ice cream, she looks in shock when he replies that her mother told him, they reach the location when Vibhav is already sitting there eating the Kulfi, exclaiming it is really delicious, Manav asks them to sit down while he purchases the kulfi. Yatharth exclaims that he must fan Akanksha.

Manav walks past Vibhav who stops him exclaiming fate has once again made them stood in front of each other, Manav replies that too because of a kulfi, Vibhav says that he just does his business with his mind but does every other thing with his heart, he doesnot care if it is cheap or expensive but he takes whatever he desires, Vibhav explains that he has come to know that Manav threw his invitation in the bin but he must surely come because this party is happening because of him however Manav says that he doesnot like to party and will not come, Manav leaves when Ranay asks Vibhav why has he personally invited the person who humiliated him, Vibhav explains because he desires to make him as the joker of his party because his rules would one day be his end.

Precap: Akanksha is sitting with Vibhav Kapoor, she explains that she had already tried to make a deal with Mr Agarwal but before it could be finalized, he sold the house to him, she requests him if he can resell it to her, Vibhav agrees saying he would surely sell it to her, hearing this Akanksha gets really excited. Manav asks who the owner of the Bungalow is, Akanksha replies he is the CEO of Kapoor constructions, Vibhav Kapoor.

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