Akanksha is excited because they are purchasing their new house

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Akanksha makes Manav eat the Pani puri, she even makes Yathharth have some, Manav praises the vendor for his cooking skills, someone is taking pictures of their family. Akanksha while walking exclaims she will not take any old furniture to their new house, as she wants to have every furniture new, Manav questions if she would take her own old husband or will she also change him, she exclaims she will think about it, Hearing which manav replies he doesnot want the new house, Yatharth rushes to the dream catcher, Manav exclaims if he has gone to ask which questions will come in the paper, they get out of the car, Akanksha immediately advises Yatharth how he must now finish his homework since they have enjoyed, Yatharth rushes to first inform Vinay, Manav says there is nothing to worry since he is excited because of his new house, Akanksha replies even she is joyed after hearing about the news of the house, so feels like doing something new, Manav feels excited when she says she feels like cooking something new so he must go and bring the groceries.

Vibhav Kapoor seeing the photo exclaims that he did not know she was so close to him yet is so far away, he praises the photographer, saying he has come just two times and has done a tremendous job both of the times, Vibhav exclaims he is glad and when he is delighted then the person who makes him happy gets the reward for it, Ranay hands him the envelope containing the money, the photographer assures he would do any sort of work for Vibhav when he replies that for now he must follow Akanksha Every where she goes, he for some time should act like her ghost. Ranay asks Vibhav why he is not going to meet the girl of his dreams, Vibhav asks how many girlfriends Ranay had, replying that all these women are the same and if she comes to know that he loves her then would give him the pain of rejection, she doesnot need to know about his love just now, when the time is right he would reveal the news himself.

Manav enters the house announcing that he has brought all the groceries, Akanksha comes out of the room dressed in her night suit, Manav is not able to say another word, she comes close to him, pushing him on the sofa kneels to ask how much marks would he give her, Manav explains he would give her 9.5 out of 10, Akanksha asks the reason, he replies the rest would be given when she walks the ramp for him. Akanksha thanks him, he asks the reason, she replies it is because he once again made her realize that she is really special, she can see all of her dreams in his eyes, Manav starts smiling, she asks if she said anything wrong then he replies he was just wondering what the card reader said, Akanksha questions why is he still thinking about that fraud, since they always tend to use such type of techniques to trap innocent people, nothing wrong can happen when they both are with each other. Manav exclaims when she wears the crown, he really likes her, he replies that her friends do not have any mind as they keep saying bad things to her, Akanksha gets angry.

In the morning Akanksha asks Yatharth to hurry up otherwise he would miss the bus, she hands him the bag when the wife of Khushal jee and Ekta standing discuss how it would have taken her a long time to get ready which is she got late, they both joke how she would have to get ready once again if she cries, Akanksha coming back exclaims she is not feeling a bit worried about their words because if she was in their position then would also say the same things, she can see how they are angry because she has won the title of Miss Indore, but seeing their faces doesnot think they would have even participated in any local beauty competition, she knows they are angry because she was receiving the most attention in their function, however her husband really loves her and is not like Khushal jee who always roams around her, asking if she needs anything. Manav hearing this requests Akanksha to bring his tiffin as he forgot it, Akanksha leaves revealing that she is not going to stay in their society much longer because her husband has brought a flat for her in the posh area of ​​the city.

Manav in the office receives a call from Akanksha who reveals that she is going to give sweets to her mother, he asks her to buy expensive sweets when she agrees saying she would not buy anything cheap for her mother, Manav exclaims that she feels really good to see that her relationship with her mother has mended, Akanksha says it is all because of his efforts, the photographer is following her while also clicking pictures.

Akanksha is forcing her mother to have the sweets, she replies that she would get diabetic really posh locality, Akanksha replies the best part is that the complex even has its own swimming pool, Bubli immediately jumps in the conversation saying it even has a theater and spa, Akanksha feels shocked, her mother leaves when Ram mentions how he was thinking that they can also get a membership card for Bubli, Akanksha immediately agrees.

Akanksha’s mother calls her, she reveals a necklace exclaiming this is for her, Akanksha asks what is the need when she replies to her father has got it made just for her, but she did not get the chance to give it to her, Bubli coming to them asks Akanksha to take it as not everyone gets the chance to have such good jewellery, her mother exclaims that karan died before the marriage of Ram but he had this necklace made for her so how could have she given it to Bubli, who replies that does she not think that her father in law would have wanted her daughter in law to have something when Akanksha asks if she likes it then can ask for it when she desires to wear it.

Manav goes to the office of Chokse jee, he asks what Manav has brought who explains he desires to buy a new house with his savings for his family so was wondering if he can approve his home loan, Chokse says he would look into what can be done, Manav turns to leave when Chokse exclaims he is proud of him.

Akanksha is on the bike with Ram when she asks him to stop, she starts looking at a Bungalow, Ram questions if she has not forgotten it till now, she goes to stand Infront of the gate and recall how they used to live like a family , Ram asks if she remembers their scooty, Akanksha thinks when Ram while holding the keys said that Papa brought this for him as his birthday gift but she instead that it was for her collage commute, they both got in a fight, Papa only took her side and tried to hit him. Akanksha thinks when her mother tried to talk with her father, how he was just ruining his daughter, but he insisted that she was made for big achievements in life.

The photographer sees Akanksha standing Infront of the Bungalow so calls Ranay, who hands the mobile to Mr Kapoor, he is seeing Akanksha exclaims now the fish has been trapped.

Precap: Mr Kapoor says Mr Agarwal has made the right decision as now this god forsaken Bungalow would turn his destiny. Akanksha explains she just went to check if the new owner of that Bungalow was interested in selling it and got excited to know that he actually is, Manav asks who the new owner is, Akanksha reveals it is the CEO of Kapoor constructions, Vibhav Kapoor.

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