Akshu calls Abhimanyu for a meet

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The Episode starts with Manjiri saying if you love Akshara, then don’t let her go, maybe she had some helplessness, so she couldn’t say, sometimes people think of others first. Abhimanyu says I was thinking the same, why she is moving back, but I won’t move back, I will talk to Akshu. She says its a tough moment for a woman when she has to balance things between her husband and son, both of you are imp for me. He says I will fix everything. She smiles. Suwarna makes Aarohi sleep in her lap. She also sleeps. Akshu comes and cries. She sees Aarohi’s foot hurt. She cares for Aarohi. Kairav ​​comes and looks on. Aarohi asks why did you snatch Abhi from me, Akshu. Akshu cries. Suwarna wakes up and sees Akshu. She also cries. Kairav ​​throws the paint colours. Vansh stops him. Kairav ​​says both my sisters’ lives got ruined, why, how much will the fate snatch from me, first my mum, then Kartik and Sirat, now my sisters’ happiness. Vansh consoles him and says your tears won’t help Aarohi and Akshu’s luck, you have to make this spoiled canvas beautiful, you can do this, you can make their lives fine.

Abhimanyu thinks of Manjiri’s words. He says I hope you are fine Akshu, that we have a talk and our broken alliance gets fixed. Akshu wakes up recalling Aarohi’s words. She panics. Kairav ​​asks her what happened, are you fine. She says yes, how is Aarohi. He says she is still sleeping, what happened to you. She says nothing, just a bad dream. He says I won’t let the reality turn bad, Aarohi vented her bitterness, you also share your feelings at least with me, we all need time to forget all this, its a new day, make a new start, tell me something, why did you stay quiet, tell me your feelings for Abhi, three lives are tangled, it can get solved by your heart voice, you have to tell it today, say it. Akshu says I know, I have thought of it, what to do.

Abhimanyu says you didn’t give me a reply yesterday, you have to answer today, everything won’t end if you switch off the phone, it was tough for me to fall in love, I will make it tough for you to get away from this love, I’m coming to talk to you. Everyone sees Akshu making a rangoli. Kairav ​​says its Diwali, change your mood today. Akshu says happy diwali, everyone, mum used to make smiley on kachoris, I also tried that with rangoli, we all need to smile today. She says Sirat mum used to say that we should smile even if we are sad on diwali, a smile has magic in it. She laughs. She asks Aarohi to please smile. Kairav ​​takes Aarohi downstairs. Dadi asks Suwarna to give them prasad. Akhilesh says I will make coffee for you both. Vansh jokes.

Kairav ​​says we all are trying for Aarohi, what about you, please Akshu. Abhi is on the way. Akshu calls him and says I want to meet you. He says even I want to meet you, I m on my way to your home. She says no, not at home, shall we meet at the lake view garden. He says done, I will wait for you. Dadi says Aarohi is getting fine,I’m worried for Akshu, she doesn’t tell anything to us, we have spoiled things, if she has love for Abhi, then. Manish says that alliance is over. Dadi says no, we should talk again, Aarohi’s confusion happened later, we talked about Akshu only, Akshu and Abhimanyu’s relation can form. Aarohi hears this. Manish says no. Daddy says this ego isnt right. He says Birlas insulted me. She says you also told them a lot, we are girl’s family. Manish asks so will we tolerate. Kairav ​​asks them to think well. Aarohi thinks of everything and goes to her room. Akshu thinks of Abhimanyu. She leaves.Abhimanyu waits for her. Suwarna says Rangoli’s spoiling is abshagun. Manish says its Diwali, everything will be fine. Akshu’s car doesn’t start. She tries and starts it. She leaves in the car. Vansh asks them to think positive. Kairav ​​says yes. They hear Aarohi’s scream. They run to Aarohi’s room. They get shocked. Akshu thinks to clear everything. Aarohi lies wounded.

Akshu reaches and sees Abhi. Kairav ​​takes Aarohi to the Birla hospital. Abhimanyu is there.

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