Akshu meets with an accident

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The Episode starts with Abhi shouting I have become normal, come on, wash your hands now. He washes the mehendi off Akshu’s hand. The water bowl falls down. They cry seeing each other. Akhilesh counts down. He says Dadi and Kairav will check the mehendi. Dadi tells the decision. Akhilesh says the winner is Anand. Anand and Mahima smile. Everyone claps. Mahima thinks where is Aarohi, she should have been here. Abhi says that relation broke, I don’t want to see you anywhere, I don’t want to see your face, I want to become a stranger for you. he steps on the broken glass and goes. She cries seeing her hand. He cries. Jaaniye….plays….

Akshu covers her hands and goes. Neil asks Aarohi what are you doing here. He taunts her for changing colours. She worries and goes. He thinks to tell Abhi about her. Shefali says Manjiri has gone to the temple to do the puja. Mahima asks where is Aarohi. Kairav sees Akshu coming. Akshu smiles. Abhi comes. Suwarna asks where is Aarohi. Manish asks her to answer. Akshu says she told me before going. Aarohi comes and says a patient needed urgent help, I went outside to call. Akshu thinks the matter is something else. Mahima says we won the competition. Aarohi thinks I will show you a big victory. Mahima says I have bought these bangles from the same jeweller, what did you buy. Aarohi says I will show you after the mehendi. Akshu sits to apply mehendi to Aarohi’s hand.

Abhi says sorry, I have to go to the hospital. Neil goes after him. Anand says we should also leave. Mahima says Aarohi is just a junior doctor, she doesn’t need to take tension like me, I m a senior, let her enjoy her mehendi. Neil sits on Abhi’s sake. Abhi says get down, I don’t want to listen to your nonsense. He drives off. Neil says I m not going to give up, Akshu is Abhi’s love, not Aarohi. He gets an idea.

Akshu asks why did you go out. Aarohi says I had patient related work. Akshu says you are behaving weird, all okay? Aarohi says I will apply mehendi myself. She goes. Neil signs to call Akshu. Akshu asks why are you hiding. He says I have to talk to you about Aarohi. Aarohi thinks applying mehendi is so difficult. Akshu goes with Neil. Neil says I want to talk about Aarohi, she is your sister, you love her and can do anything for her, I also love Abhi, did you notice her strange behavior. He tells her everything. He says sorry, she is lying to both the families, Abhi will be really hurt, both families will be hurt too, I told you the truth, its upto you. Aarohi gets ready and says I want to be a part of this imp surgery with Mahima, I didn’t apply mehendi right.

Akshu stops her and asks whom did you give the money. Aarohi says let me go, I wil come back and tell you. She pushes Akshu and runs to the car. Akshu asks her to stop. Aarohi says she gets mad sometimes, I have to go for the surgery. Akshu runs after her car. She thinks to take a shortcut. She shouts stop Aarohi. She meets with an accident. Abhi falls down. Everyone comes and asks are you okay. Abhi says I m okay. He thinks what’s happening to me, I feel strange. Akshu is brought there. Tere milan ko…. plays. The blood drops from her bleeding hand. Abhi holds his heart. Abhi turns and doesn’t see her. Ge sees the blood drops. Cleaning staff man wipes clean the blood marks from the floor. Mahima sees Aarohi and asks isn’t Abhi imp for you. Aarohi says he is imp, but a patient’s life is the most imp for a doctor, so I left the mehendi and came, you said no personal talks in the hospital. She thinks how to handle Akshu. The doctor says case is critical, we need a senior. The other doctor says I had just seen Abhimanyu outside. The doctor says I will go and get him. He goes out. Abhi removes the earplugs. Doctor says its an accident case, situation is critical, please come. Kairav says Akshu left her phone, where did she go, Aarohi went to the hospital. Manish says don’t worry, she will come. Abhi gets shocked seeing Akshu. He freezes.

Nurse says Akshu met with an accident. Mahima asks what. She says Abhi, Akshu needs a good doctor, you love her, right? He says I m scared, how shall I… Jaaniye….plays…

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