Amma tricks rajesh and vimlesh to fight

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The episode starts with Rajesh enjoying morning tea standing outside house. Vimlesh walks to her and asks what she adds in tea that it smells so good. Rajesh gives ingredients. Vimlesh says Beni is there to cook for her, she is expert in makeup and waxing which everyone can’t. Rajesh says each person has a different talent. Vimlesh requests her to let her win. Gabbar wakes up and insists them to serve him tea. They say he unnecessarily created a competition between them and provoked them to fight with each other. Father tries to convince them at his best to serve them tea, but fails and walks away fuming. Rajesh tells Vimlesh that she will not give up easily and will win for sure.

Amma enjoys their fight and tells Dadaji that their fight is making her enjoy their best service. Dadaji says she was lazy when she was a bahu and now pestering her bahus. Amma calls Rajesh and Vimlesh and orders them to prepare paneer pakoras and green chutney for her. Rajesh calls her friend and explaining whole story asks her to teach her prepare paneer pakoda in a new style. She jokes to add alcohol in besan and serve it to amma, she will be happy and make her best bahu. Rajesh asks her to stop joking and tell a real recipe. She explains. Vimlesh on the other side gets romantic with Beni. Beni gets concerned and asks if she is fine. She finally reveals that she wants to learn preparing paneer pakoda and informs about best bahu competition. Beni explains and prepares himself pakodas.

Gabbar hears Happu from bathroom calling Rajesh to hand him a towel and goes to inform Rajesh. He sees her busy over phone and mimics. She gives him sanitizer, soap, etc. He finally says Happu needs towel in bathroom. She asks him to give it himself. He walks away yelling. She notices extra water in besan and asks friend what she should do now. Friend suggests to get it from Ghanshyam’s stall. Rajesh tastes Beni’s prepared pakoras and spits them away. Beni suggests her to serve Ghanshyam’s stall pakoras. She agrees. Gabbar offers towel to Happu. Happu pulls him in gets romantic. Rajesh knocks door. Gabbar rushes out yelling. Rajesh walks in. Happu gets romantic again. She scolds him and orders to get Ghanshyam’s stall pakoras. He says let him finish bathe. She orders to go in towel. He gets nervous thinking what if towel opens up.

Kamlesh comes to pick up Kat for college. Kat insults him calling him frog faced. He feels angry. She stops a cycler and requests for a drop. He happily agrees. Kamlesh sadly waves her bye. She thinks Kamlesh is her real bestfriend who doesn’t mind if she insults him.

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