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Angoori in BC room says here have some tea till that time I’ll dance. Bc dreaming head and Angoori dancing. Tillu and Tiwari walks in room wit tea. Tiwari says to Tillu is it first time or your father use to have fits. Tillu says I also don’t know what all fits attack him. Tiwari call BC and put his finger in tea. Billu wakes up and leaves.

Angoori in balcony drying clothes. Billu walks in balcony and see Angoori says I’m always excited to see this view and flirts with Angoori. Billu try to strech and fall down into Ammaji lap on rickshaw.

Anu in her house. Happu Singh walks to her and greet. Anu stnad up. Hapou says no need to stand up in my respect. Anu says I stood up in respect of uniform. Happu says I keep telling everyone in colony that you are a respectful lady. Anu gets annoyed. Happu Singh try to explain her says you are so innocent like small baby. Anu says so should I call you Happu uncle. Happu says no call me as you say earlier. Anu says lets talk now and file a report of missing husband. Happu says Vibhuti is missing. Anu says yes now file report your already wasted lot if time. Happu Singh says if he is missing let it be what he will do if he come back again he was already unemployed, you being single is great or else you have eto go with all the ritual for marriage. Anu calls Commissioner greets him and says Happu Singh has gone mad talking rubbish. Happu beg her. Anu says write my report or else I’ll call him this time.

Angoori in kitchen cooking and singing. Ammaji walks in and narrates a sad poem and says I’m lonely. Angoori says I don’t understand what you said. Ammaji says I mean Pandit Ramphal is outdated so thinking of having a London boyfriend, I have a feeling for him gets happy and walk away.

Vibhuti, Tillu, Tiwari and Angoori sitting in hall. Billu says I don’t like to twist things and talk, if girl and boy are ready then let them be happy. Tiwari says you have so kind thought, you live in London but still your heart beat for India. BC says my heart beat for Kanpur. Tiwari says we are lucky to have relation with you. Billu mocks Tiwari and says your sister relation is with Tillu. Tiwari says when they both will get married then we both will be relative. Billu says what will be my relation with this lady. Tiwari says if they get married then shevwill be your daughter. Billu says marriage cancel we came here to find daughter in law not daughter. Tiwari says she is also like daughter. Billu says then find a relative in your family so that Angoori turn out to be mine sister in law. Angoori says what are you saying. Tiwari what rubbish are you talking. Billu says I never had sister in law. Tiwari says but I have sister. Tillu beg Vibhu so he says get make arrangements for marriage. Tiwari gets excited and says we have one condition and ask Angoori to tell. Angoori says I feel shy. Billu says you look good when you feel shy.

Ammaji walks in with tea. Tillu says why Ammaji is blushing. Tiwari says she is my mom and says if you accept her too with my sister. Angoori says my Ammaji like you a lot and says she have one condition if you get married to to her only then Tilu can marry Munmun. Billu calls Tillu and whispers I have to pay for your marriage. Tillu whispers please sacrifice for my love. Billu says this is carnage.

Vibhu and Tillu go to Saxena house. Vibhu says this is not possible. Tilu says can’t you sacrifice for my happiness. Vibhu says are you mad I have a beautiful wife and will sacrifice for Ammaji, if Anu get to know then she will not give me easy death, she will put me in gas chamber. Tillu says then how will I get married. Saxena walks in says what happen tell. Tillu says my love is in danger. Saxena says this won’t happen don’t worry because if your love is in danger then my love too, I won’t let this happen and start playing violin. Vibhuti get’s up and leave.

Ammaji in hall singing romantic song and dancing. Angoori walks to her says you sing very well. Ammaji says love teach you everything. Angoori ask what is love. Ammaji says love which I do with BC. Angoori says oh that which Munmun did to TC. Ammaji says I don’t know about them but I do love him I’m sorry Angoori this will infamous me. Angoori says what infamous now you will go to London but I’ll miss you. Ammaji says I’ll call you there. Angoori says how I’ll come there and leave Tiwari here. TC and BC walks in. Ammaji stand-up. BC says be seated and I have a request stop searching your husband in me because this Tilu is not my son. Tiwari and Munmun walks in, Tiwari says then is he your chief’s son. BC says no he is son of famous American business man CK aka Chaman Kumar, his blood run inside him. Angoori says to BC decided everything in one time. Saxena walks in disguised as CK says I heard my son is here. Tillu says here is your son and hugs him. Tiwari says to Tillu till now BC was your father and now you changed your party. Saxena says he is my kid. Tiwari says what your son is doing in Kanpur. He says you ask too many questions he is my son it’s a long story for now let me enjoy with my son. Munmun says to Tiwari I think so he is more rich then earlier one say yes. Angoori says how can we say yes we don’t know them. Anu walks in and says I know everything about them because I saw there Kundali. Ammaji says to Anu why don’t you match my kundali with BC. Anu says I’m sorry auntyji his kundali is already matched to me. Angoori says I didn’t imagine that you will leave Vibhu and get with BC. Tiwari starts crying says to Anu what you did. Anu says just a second guys and remove BC beard. Vibhuti says what you did. Anu says you never start a new relationship on lie. Vibhuti says that girl love him a lot ask to her. Munmun says I don’t love him. Tillu says stop joking darling. Munmun says shutup don’t dream about me, you change your dad in a second won’t think a bit before changing me. Vibhuti says to Tillu I’m sorry my boy I tried my best, lest go. Saxena says to Tillu if your boss doesn’t have hold your salary then this work could have gone longer. Angoori in shock says its you Saxena and he leaves. Anu says I’m sorry from Vibhu side. Tiwari says atleast we got to know about truth because of you. Vibhu says to Anu bye I’ll not come to house because you kicked me out. Anu says fine I’m sorry and you look great in this look say sorry to me in my room and they leave. Tillu says what will happen to me. Tiwari says go and sit on shop and shouts at him. Tillu leave. Ammaji gets message, Angoori ask her who message you. Ammaji says Pandit Ramphal and blushes

Vibhu and Anu having romantic dinner. Vibhu ask what you cook. Anu says Paratha. He says I hate paratha. Anu says what happen to you. Vibhu says I’m mad right. Anu says gets lost.

Ammaji on call to Angoori this time is to do ritual. Angoori says what I have to do. Ammaji says you have sleep for 1 month outside Baba Bhadak Nath. Vibhu gets emotional. Angoori says why are you getting emotional

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