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The Episode starts with Pritam saying whatever I told was a lie. Amrita says you praised me, it was also a lie. He says no, that was true, everything else was a lie. She says I’m just kidding, I didn’t feel bad of your words. He says you are really nice, everyone should have someone like you in their life, life becomes easy, I will go and sleep, sorry, good night. He stumbles on the stairs. Amrita holds him. They both fall down. Tara tara gin ke….plays… They see each other. She makes him away.

She gets up and asks him to go and sleep, else she will fall down while holding him. She goes. E gets her earring. Kabir enters Pritam’s room. He checks the jackets. He takes some more jackets. He gets a call. He runs. Soni says did Pritam come back. She goes to see. She sees Kabir and asks how did you open his room. Kabir says I took his permission and entered his room. He locks the door. He goes. Its morning, Pritam comes downstairs. He sees Amrita and recalls their moment. Jassi asks where are you going. He says I will just come. Amrita asks are you sober now. He says yes. Saroj asks Pritam to give the things to halwai. She praises him for doing lots of work in Amrita’s godh bhairai. Hassi says you have to do some work in my engagement too. Amrita says yes, he was holding my hand and saying dialogues. He asks where is my car. She says dad took it to get relatives from the railway station. He thinks anyone can see the gun. She asks him not to worry. Kuljeet brings his car. He gives the car keys to Pritam. Pritam sees a boy playing with the bullets. He takes it from bullets and says its not a toffee. He checks the boy’s pockets and gets the bullets. The boy calls Amrita and lies. Pritam says when did I slap, he is lying. Pritam also lies and says I will get chocolates for you. The boy agrees. Nitin calls him and says hotel guest list is ready, Deepak Taneja, he used to stay in the hotel as guest, he has checked in tomorrow, he is still there. Pritam says send me the details, ask the local informer to keep an eye there, I will leave.

Pritam sees Amrita. She waves bye. He goes. She smiles. Vishaka asks Kabir to work hard. He asks what shall I do. She says I want firmness, confidence on your face, you should look macho. Kabir says I have got some jackets, see if you like it. He wears one and asks how is it. She recalls Pritam. She says it reminded me of someone, its almost the same. He asks who. She says leave it, is this your jacket. He says no, I borrowed this. He likes a leather jacket. She says who is your friend, he is interesting. He says he is our tenant, he is bit tempered, he is good at heart, I will show his pic. He gets Pritam and his pic.

Sethi comes and says I arranged a leather jacket for Kabir. Vishaka says chill, Kabir got the jackets himself, just as I wanted. Sethi says wow Kabir, great, thanks a lot, lets start the shoot. Kabir poses for the pics. Vishaka says Pritam had something in him, meet me once, did I fall in love with Pritam again, I will keep love or hatred for sure.

Deepak is in the hotel. He says this time, I came on a personal trip. Pritam comes there and catches the man. He interrogates Deepak and slaps him. He threatens Deepak that he will kill him. A shooter aims at Deepak. Pritam says don’t cheat this time, tell me about UD. Deepak says I can’t get saved, save my family. Pritam asks where will I get him.

Soni hugs Pritam’s jacket and lies on his bed. Daddy sees her and gets shocked. Pritam sees the guy UD in the function. Amrita tells Jassi about Pritam. Jassi teases her.

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