Anand wants to join the Army.

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In this episode Bhim Rao wished to serve his country by becoming a Barrister. Rama brought him kheer Daliya amma made. She supported Bhim Rao’s stance of not serving the army. Informed him about Jijabai and Joshi’s plan to stop him resuming his education. Rama asked why Bhim Rao doesn’t react though he knows that his family members plot against him. Bhim Rao asked Rama to sit while he stood up. Rama sat down, which decides his perspective. Our positions alter her perceptions. Rama would never be able to think like Bhim Rao. He fed Rama kheer.

Phuilya was asked to hurry; she should have prepared meal for Notun and Joku on time She served them their plates. Joku and Notun fed each other while Phuilya stared at them.

Jijabai couldn’t sleep at night because of Bhim Rao. She woke Rama, took her aside. She asked her to convince Bhim Rao to join arm, earn some money. It would elevate their status. Rama asked who to convince him, the way Joshi convinced Jijabai. Rama told Jijabai that she saw heard them both hatch the plan against Bhim Rao.

Bhim Rao informed Guruji the reason he refused to join the army. Guruji praised him.

Jijabai informed Joshi about Bhim Rao’s refusal. Joshi furiously asked Jijabai to leave.

Lakshmi asked Anand to join the army. Anand said that Ramji stopped them from joining. Bhim Roa and Ramji would protest. Lakshmi asked him to think objectively, her must consider it as an opportunity for the sake of family.

Puranjan were leaving in search of work. Anand asked for Ramji’s permission to join army. Ramji questioned. Lakshmi and Anand asked for Ramji’s permission. Bhim Rao stopped him. Anand questioned. Bhim Rao replied that British needed to leave this country before they work for the army. Rama said that the army was not the last option. Lakshmi asked Rama to stay quiet or leave. Ramji questioned Lakshmi’s behavior. Anand asked for Ramji’s consent. Ramji allowed him to do whatever he wished. Anand went, Bhim Rao was against his decisions. Ramji asked Bhim Rao to let Anand make the choice. Jijabai came and inquired. Lakshmi said that Ramji and Bhim Rao didn’t like Anand’s decision to join army. Bhim Rao objected. Lakshmi asked him to pray for Anand’s appointment.

Joshi informed men about Bhim Rao’s decision of not joining the army. Sethji saw Anand and questioned why he was in hurry. Anand informed him about joining the army. The men mocked as he wouldn’t be appointed. Anand left. Joshi planned to have Anand’s appointment finalized. It would affect Bhim Rao’s reputation. College professors believed Bhim Rao writing history. Now people would write history on him for being a Traitor. Joshi left in his car.

Jijabai said that Lakshmi should have stopped Anand. Serving the army can cause Anand his life. Meera questioned her for not considering Bhim Rao’s life. Jijabai replied that based on Bhim Rao’s education he would have been appointed as an officer rather than a field solider. Lakshmi wanted Anand to join the army. Meera appreciated Jijabai’s concern. Jijabai cared for everyone in this family except Bhim Rao.

Joku taught Notun how to iron clothes. Phuilta stared at her. Mangesh observed. Notun wanted Phuliya to leave, she wasn’t able to concentrate. Joku asked her to leave. Notun wanted Phuliya to leave her shop. Phuliya claimed to be the owner, she worked day and night to run the business. Mangesh said that shops don’t speak for themselves. Their arguments were useless. Rama said that the shop did talk about its owner. Asked them to turn around and look. Notun left the hot iron on the shirt. Joku scolded her burning the shirt. Notun left crying.

Ramji comforted Anand. He made a mistake before. Puranjan asked them to be silent on the matter. He didn’t want Anand to become like Bala and leave. Bhim Rao wouldn’t let that happen.

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