Angoori’s brother Vibhuti takes care of her

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Vibhu in hall standing. Anu walks to her says your mom. Vibhu says about which mom are you talking who took care of me for many years. Anu says chachaji. Vibhu rants about everyone. Anu trying to tell him that they left house, bow say what you want to say. Vibhu start crying.

TMT, Helan abd David together near tea stall. Malkhan says to Teeka and Tillu Helan is controlling and irritating. Tillu says I have plan. David says to TMT taje Helan with us. Teeka says we have place for only one person. Helan says okay then I’ll come he can adjust anywhere. Tillu says let’s toss if head come then Chacha will come and on Tails aunty can come with us and ask Teeka to take out coin. They toss and get’s head. David get’s happy. Teeka says says sorry to Helan and they all get excited to take David. David says to Helan look for yourself and leave. Helan see coin on floor pickup and see it has both head face says I’ll not leave them. Saxena walks to tea stall seee Helan crying and ask what happen. Helan says nobody loves me I’m all alone. Saxena says don’t worry I’m here to help you come with me and they leave.

Ammaji and Bhuri Lal in garden. Bhuri Lal says to Ammaji I read in newspaper that it will be cold these so ask Angoori to take care as she is pregnent. Ammaji says I keep advising her and aslo asked Tiwari to help her. Tiwari walks in says what should I do work or stay here, Tillu dosent work properly so I have to be in shop. Bhuri Lal slaps him says can’t you hire one more servant for your wife. Tiwari says I can keep two but I cannot find any in Kanpur. Ammaji says to Bhuri Lal I don’t believe in servant they steal things. Bhuri Lal says this is right. Tiwari says I have an idea can we ask brother in law to help. Daddu says Puttan is in jail how is that possible and he doesn’t work. Tiwari says I’m talking about Juttan. Bhuri Lal says oh I forgot and calls Vibhu says work load has increased so from now on you will do all the work of your sister and take good care of her. Vibhu says I understood I’ll do all work. Tiwari says okay then start your work from now and make some pakoda for us. Vibhuti leaves.

Vibhu cleaning mirror. Angoori walks in room see him and gets awkward. Angoori ask him what are you doing here. Vibhu says I was cleaning. Angoori says no don’t clean a bhaiya will come and clean, your so called Jija, I told him about you so he was giving lot’s of love to you and ask him to leave because it’s all clean. Vibhuti ask are you alright. Angoori says yes till the time my kid is healthy I’m healthy. Vibhu cries and leave. Angoori pray to God where did you stuck me.

TMT, David together in house drinking. Tillu says to David I love you a lot. David says am I your girlfriend. Tillu says no you are not girlfriend but we love our elders too. David ask him to order a lot of food and sweets. Teeka whispers to them he asked for whole menu of hotel how will you get all. Tillu says he has lot of money so we need to sacrifice a bet so don’t worry I’ll take care of this and says to David don’t worry I’ll get that. David says if you are going so bring two bottles with that.

Tiwari goes to Anita’s house greet and remember his relationship is changed with Anita so call her Salehji and walks to her. Anu greet him and ask what did you said. Tiwari says you are my brother in law’s wife so called you accordingly and I’m your Jeeja so you can call me that. Anu says I don’t what’s going between you and Vibhu I don’t mind but I don’t believe in all other relation. Tiwari says this is true that Vibhu is my brother in law. Anu says let me repeat I don’t believe in all your relation. Tiwari try to explain the relation says it’s a naughty kind of relation with lot’s of teasing. Anu says you mean to say that you will tease me okay show me a demonstration. Tiwari teas her. Anu gets irritate and ask what was this. Tiwari says I’ll leave now.

Bhuri Lal and Tiwari sitting in garden area drinking. Tiwari and Bhuri Lal drunk discussing about there drinking habits. Tiwari ask him to call Vibhu. Bhuri lal shouts at him and calls him. Vibhu walks in and sit beside Daddu says you are calling me as uf I’m your servant. Bhuri Lal says you are my kid. Tiwari ask him to have drinks. Vibhu says yes. Bhuri Lal says to Tiwari what are you doing the other one is already spoilt and you want to spoil him yoo. Vibhuti says nothing will happen I’m already spoilt. Daddu says you were trapped with wrong people and bad things happen to you I don’t want this to be repeated in your life now you will do good deeds and ask him to make tea for Angoori then take good care of her and was all her clothes. Vibhu try to drink. Bhuri Lal shouts at him and says leave this drink here.

TMT outside Prem’s house discussing to take help from Prem. Teeka and Malkhan start fighting for ringing door bell. Tillu says okay I’ll ring doorbell and listen carefully all the abuses will be equally divided in three of us and ring doorbell. Prem’s wife shouts from inside and mock them. Prem come out says you sleep some ediot are here. His wife says I know it’s your friend and mocks him. Prem says to TMT what are doing this late night outside my house. TMT says it’s about 20 crore rupees, we need your help and consider this as an investment. Prem says what I’ll get. Malkhan says if you helped as now then you will get 10lakh rupees for 10,000rs. Prem get’s excited says if I didn’t got my money then I’ll sell your kidney for my money. Prem’s wife shouts send your friends home and come inside. Prem go inside. Malkhan says mocks Prem and they leave.

Vibhu and Anu in bedroom. Anu says your birthmark is disappearing, this is black ink. Vibhu says this mean. Anu says this mean that someone is making fool out of my husband.

Tiwari, Bhuri Lal and Vibhuti near tea stall. Vibhuti shouting at Tiwari says I’m not your brother in law and not his son. Tiwari says you have to come and do the chores because I have paid someone for this.

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