Anuj Is Severely Injured Trying To Save Anupama

Anupama 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj recites a shayari for Anu expressing his love for her and says I love you. He says he loved her before and even now, but didn’t have any hope then and even now; it was necessary to express his love at this time, he couldn’t to his parents and one more relationship; this moment is his life’s most beautiful moment as he didn’t want to die before expressing his love for her; he escaped a big accident and realized he shouldn’t delay in expressing his love for the people he loves. Nazar Ke Saamne Jigarr Ke Paas.. song plays in the background. Anu thinks she feels different since Bapuji explained her that day. She calls and walks towards him when a few goons barge in.

Vanraj over phone asks someone to thank his madam for listening to his idea. Anuj notices his dilemma and asks if he is fine. Vanraj says he is and thinks he will set everything right. Anuj requests goons to take everything but not touch Anu. Goons says he is intelligent and asks to give all their valuables. Magnet falls from Anuj’s pocket. Goon picks it. Anuj requests to return it and gives him money. Anu says let it go. He denies. Goon returns magnet and asks Anu to remove her gold articles. She does. Anuj thinks if he was alone, he would have taught them a lesson. Anu tries hard to remove her finger ring. Anuj requests goon to let her go. Goon forcefully tries to remove it hurting Anu. Anuj gets angry and brutally trashes goon warning how dare he is to touch Anu’s hand. One of them hits Anu with a hockey stick injuring her forehead. Anuj vents out all his anger on him. Another goon hits his head from back with an iron rod and he falls down unconscious. Goons run away.

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