Anupama 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Malvika’s Mental Tratuma

Anupama 10th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj continues blaming himself for Malvika’s condition. He says he should die, but he can’t as he cannot see Mukku in this condition; maybe she is running away from her past, from her brother. Anu stops him. Anuj asks how can he when Malvika got so much pain because of him; says when their parents passed away, Mukku didn’t say anything and when Akshay left, she just told he loved her and her money; when he went to her husband’s house 31st December night, she had lost hope to fight and didn’t want to send that beast to jail, that happens when.. Anu when a personal breaks down completely. Anuj says when a mountain cannot bear a hit at one place repeatedly, Mukku is a human and lost everything; she is trying to run away from pain, but pain stays in their heart and never goes away.

Shahs get worried when Anuj and Anuj don’t pick call since a long time and decide to visit them and check. Anuj continues that Mukku tries to forget her trauma and moved on, but life reminded her of her past. Anu comforts both Mukku and Anuj on her lap. Vanraj enters and notices that. He messages Toshu that they are fine but cannot attend party as Mukku has some problem. Kavya shouts why V stayed back there like he is their counselor, Anuj and Mukku always create problem for them and spoil their party. Samar says someone’s problems are bigger than her party. Baa says whatever the issue is must be serious or else Anupama will never skip her family’s party. Samar says exactly, someone cannot understand this simple thing. Bapuji says its good that they are fine. Pakhi says their new year is spoilt.

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