Anupama 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Feels Let Down By Barkha And Ankush



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Leela glances at Anuj and asks Anupama to show her eyes everyday. Hasmukh says that God gave Anuj a new lease of life. Anuj says because of Vanraj. Vanraj says that anyone in this situation must have done the same. Anuj says not everyone shows his true colors in trouble, his brother betrayed him and his enemy supported him. Vanraj says that Anuj must have done the same. Anupama thanks Vanraj for saving Anuj’s life. Ankush’s tongue curses Barkha for being behind his conspiracy. Barkha asks why did she support him when she prepared the legal documents and now she is backing down. Ankush says they will be on the road soon. Little Anu says that uncle / Vanraj with mustache likes it when he is not angry. Vanraj says they can joke on him. Anuj suggests her to reduce her anger and stop fighting as she has got a new lease of life.

Rakhi taunts Barkha that she should be ashamed of herself. Barkha warns him to keep quiet. Rakhi says that Anupama ruined Barkha’s plan. Barkha says if Anuj was not out of coma because of his good luck she would have won. Rakhi says that Anupama is lucky for Anuj and Anuj will not leave his family now and they will be on the steps of some temple soon. Shah decided to leave. GK says that he will bring sweets decorated by Little Anu for them. Leela taunts Naagin/Rakhi and Barkha that they both seem like soul sisters, Rakhi should stay with Barkha in this house. Rakhi taunts that Barkha will have to leave this house herself and little Anu will sing Ren Rain Go Away… Barkha shouts at her that how can she dare to insult her in her own house.

Leela’s tongue reprimands Barkha for her conspiracy and says that Anuj will not spare her. Kavya and Hasmukh ask him to calm down. GK gives return gift to Rakhi and Shah family. Vanraj taunts Ankush and Barkha that he was right about them from day one, they are a blot on the family name and Kapadia must leave the house before Anuj can be kicked out; He says that he has known Anupama well for 26 years and she is a true person, no conspiracy can defeat her. Ankush tells Barkha that their work is over.

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