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Anurag is in his car with Priyanka. Priyanka says, you look upset. Did anything happen? He says, I am fine. She tells him not to worry. Everything will be fine. I am your friend. Please trust me. Don’t let your heart take mind’s decisions. I know you Anurag. You must have proposed Kajol out of sympathy. You can’t take such big decisions by getting emotional. If you wanted to help her, you could have done a charity to her, but marriage is too much. You can’t spoil your life to save her. How much do you even know her? She just met you. He stops the car and says, some relations can be old, but still feel like strange and some relations connect you for lives in just one meeting. I feel like that with Kajol. I am not a fool that I will decide to marry someone to support that person. I don’t want to become Kajol’s support, but her life partner. She is self-sufficient that she doesn’t need anyone’s charity or money. She can take care of herself. The truth is, she might not need me, but I need her. Priyanka gets quiet.

Kajol is in her room. Pishimaa comes to her. Pishimaa asks, did you think anything about Dr. Anurag’s rishta? Kajol says, my answer is still no. Pishimaa says, you are ignoring your heart’s voice. Kajol says, I am tired. I don’t want to talk about this topic. Pishimaa tells her to rest. She makes her sleep. Kajol thinks why I am not feeling good when I have made up my mind.

Anurag has dropped Priyanka and is alone now. He wonders why Kajol didn’t come to NGO. He thinks of calling her and saying sorry. He is confused whether to tell her to forget everything and be friends. Or tell her to accept his love and that he is not able to live without her. He says, I can’t take you out of my mind. I see you with closed eyes, I see you with open eyes. I think of talking to you, but fear that you might go away from me. I don’t know what to do. I am going crazy.

Kajol is on a road. She is rushing to her home saying everyone must be tensed. A few men hold her way and misbehave with her. Anurag comes and beats up the men. They run away. Kajol gets dizzy and is about to fall when Anurag catches her in his arms. He says, I am here. I won’t let anything happen to you. They hug. He says, you don’t need to cry. I am always with you. I will never leave you alone. He caresses her face and goes to kiss on lips. It turns out to be Kajol’s dream. She wakes up and wonders what her heart is trying to tell her. Anurag falls asleep in his car.

Next day, Anurag’s family wonders where he went. Just then Anurag enters. Sharmila asks him where he was the whole night. Dida asks if he is okay. Anurag says, I am okay. I felt sleepy while driving, so slept. Sharmila says, in middle of a road? have you gone mad? He says, yes, I have gone mad. This city and city’s people have made me mental. I have decided to leave this city. Sharmila asks him, did you talk to her? He says, I don’t want to talk to anyone. Please don’t take anyone’s name. I have decided to leave the city and maintain as much distance as possible. Not just city, I want to leave India. Dida says, I won’t let you go. I am elder and you will do what I say. Anurag says, please don’t stop me. He leaves. Dida wonders what has happened to him.

Anurag lies down in his bed and thinks about Kajol. Dida is getting restless. She asks Sharmila what’s going on. Sharmila says, I don’t know either. You relax. I will go and talk to him.

Sharmila comes to Anurag’s room and asks him to open the door. He opens it. Sharmila says, I know Kajol is the reason. Won’t you talk to your Pishimaa? He says, I have decided that I am going and I don’t want to talk on this topic. I don’t have strength. Sharmila says, let me talk to Kajol once. She is understanding girl, she will understand me. He says, she took a decision and I took a decision. I don’t want to make joke out of me by talking again. She says, you are rushing too much. It takes years to build a relation and seconds to spoil it. He says, I know you are upset with my decision, but you will be fine after some time. Please don’t stop me. She says, you won’t solve the problem by going away. You are just running away. He says, first time I loved a girl and you saw the outcome. I lost. I should have controlled my emotions. I made a big mistake by falling in love. She requests him to let her talk to Kajol, but he says no.

Anurag is in shower. He is still thinking about Kajol. Other side, Kajol recalls her last night’s dream about Anurag. She asks herself, why am I getting strange dreams when I have decided not to keep any relationship with Dr. Anurag. Pishimaa comes to her and why her face is down. Kajol says, maybe because I couldn’t sleep properly last night. Pishimaa says, today is Ekadasi/auspicious day and tells her to go to temple. She will feel better. Anurag says, I will handle this situation. I won’t let my heart rule my mind.

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