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Pishimaa asks Kajol what do you think about Dr. Anurag? Kajol says, he is a very nice person. You can blindly trust him. He thinks so much about others. I will be lucky if I become his life partner. But he belongs to someone else and it would be wrong for me to think like that. Pishimaa says, he would not have proposed you without thinking. It’s possible that he is not in a serious relationship like you are thinking. Just remember that everyone needs a life partner. No one can understand that better than me. If someone like Dr. Anurag is proposing himself, then you shouldn’t reject such proposal. Kajol says, there is already too much noise in my life. I need peace. Pishimaa says, ask your heart once about Anurag and listen to your heart. Your heart will say the truth. The truth from which you are running away today.

Anurag is running on a road, thinking about Kajol. Kajol also thinks about Anurag and recalls his proposal. Anurag sleeps on grass. He looks at the moon and asks, what was my mistake, mom? Was it my mistake that I wanted to give a name to my and Kajol’s relationship? Was it my mistake to propose Kajol in front of everyone? You know my feelings for her. Why is she not able to realize my feelings? I hurt her for no reason.

Kajol gets a save the date message from Priyanka. Kajol thinks their engagement got fixed? Kajol now receives a call from Priyanka saying she is not able to sleep because her engagement is so close. Kajol says congrats. Priyanka says, you have a press, right? Will you print save the date cards? Kajol nods yes. After the call, Kajol cries.

Anurag talks to his mother’s picture saying first time he proposed any girl and the girl rejected. He wonders whether Kajol never saw in his eyes that he loves her. He says that she can’t be heartless.

Kajol cries and says, marriage is not a game. How did you propose me so impulsively? Anurag gets a call that there is some problem in a surgery. They alerted a patient before surgery that it’s going to be a critical surgery and it’s possible that he might not be able to make it. Anurag scolds him that there is way and time to deal with patients. He asks him to postpone the surgery and shift the patient to ICU. He says they have taken doctor’s degree, but have failed in basic human psychology. He then realizes what he did and asks himself, what you did. You put marriage proposal in front of Kajol at a wrong time and in front of everyone. It’s obvious that she would react such way. You didn’t even give her time to know your feelings. He asks himself how can I do such a big mistake? She is already going through so much. He wishes to get a chance to talk to her, so he can clear everything to her. He decides to call her, but then thinks that things could get worse by calling. He then thinks of telling Pishimaa to talk to her, but is confused. He says why I don’t know how to react in such situations. He googles “how to say sorry”. He likes sending a sorry card idea.

Other side, Kajol says that I don’t like only one thing that anyone feels sorry for me. My father might not be with me today, my family might have ditched me, but I don’t want anyone’s love in a sympathy.

Next day, Kajol is in kitchen. Chandana comes and asks how much trouble you are going to give us? You can’t see our pain. Kajol asks what did I do? Chandana says, you refused Anurag’s proposal.

Anurag is hopeful that Kajol accepts his sorry card. Sharmila comes and says nice smell. Is it your love’s smell? Or perfume? Anurag says what are you saying? She says you only said that you proposed Kajol yesterday. She might have said no, but at least, you expressed your feelings. I know very well that you can’t express yourself well. I am sure you didn’t choose the rights words yesterday. She must have gotten afraid too. I will go to her home and talk to her and her family. He says, I know my proposal wasn’t done the best way. But I didn’t know what to do in that situation. He says, I made mistake and I will rectify it.

Kajol asks Chandana why are you upset? Chandana says, like every time, you made a mistake again. The guy with whom everyone is joining your name, proposed you and you rejected his proposal? What would be a better solution than your marriage with him? What’s going on in your mind? Kajol thinks how to tell you that Anurag already has someone else in his life. He likes someone else. She tells Chandana that you want me to marry him just to save myself from insult and save my image? Is this reason enough for a marriage? Chandana says may be not. But look at other things too. He’s from a good family, he’s smart and well settled. Shut everyone up. Get rid off our doubts. Once you leave from this house, then only there will be peace in this house.

Anurag tells Sharmila that Kajol thinks I want to marry her to free her from her family, but I want to meet her and tell her the truth that I… She asks go on. He takes promise from her not to tell anything to anyone. He wants to talk to Kajol himself.

Dida asks where is Anurag? Is he not having breakfast? Sharmila says he was running late, so I packed food for him. Dida compares Sharmila with Anjali and scolds her for giving lunch box to Anurag instead making him eat hot snacks. She asks do you even know how to handle a family? Sharmila gets hurt and leaves. Abhishek speaks from Sharmila’s side and tells Dida that Sharmila raised Anurag better than Anjali. She has done a lot of sacrifices for Anurag. If you cannot praise her efforts, then at least don’t say bad.

Chandana tells Kajol, you have changed. Kajol says, I am still the same. Please at least listen to me. Chandana says, we can’t ignore society’s questions. It will be better if you marry Anurag. Sometime think about your family too. Naina hears it and thinks what a plan. Now everyone will think that Kajol was forced to marry Anurag and she had no interest. What a sharp mind she has. After leaving Arjun, she trapped even bigger party.

Precap: Same as Friday: Anurag writes a letter, dear Kajol, I am sorry. Give me one chance please. He goes to give her the letter, but doesn’t have courage to face her. He hides when she turns at him. He then gives the letter to a man to deliver it to her. Kajol says to someone that when one says sorry from heart, you should forgive that person. Anurag gets happy hearing that. Later, Anurag and Kajol are seen dancing.

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