Apu gets caught in Kaushik’s house

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The Episode starts with Kajol and her family returning home from restaurant. Apu thinks why Pulti is not replying. Kajol asks Apu what happened? She asks him to share if there is something. Apu thinks badi didi is already stressed and thinks he shall not tell her. He says he is stressed about notes. Kajol says you are good at studies and asks him not to worry. Kajol prays to God that their happiness shall not have any bad sight. Pulti knocks on the door. Arjun comes there and opens the door. Pulti hugs him and says atleast he shall understand as he got married to Naina in a love marriage. Arjun tells that love is nothing and tells that he is repenting after marriage. He says Apu is not the right guy for you, I am with Maa and Papa. Pulti says I thought you will understand me. Arjun says if they hear me, then? Pulti asks if they will disown you from the wealth. He opens the door and sees Naina hearing them. He gets upset with her and goes. Naina comes inside. Pulti asks her to understand atleast. Naina says she can’t talk to them, but will talk to Apu. Shreya thinks she will disconnect Naina like disconnecting Kajol.

Kajol sees someone in the house and picks a rod and goes out. She sees Apu sitting on his bike. She asks where is he going so late in night. Apu says he will tell later and goes. Kaushik comes to Puti’s room and sees her sleeping. He thinks Apu is not the right guy for her, and can’t keep her happy. Apu comes there and the showpiece drops down with his hand. He picks and keeps it back. Kaushik asks who is there? He sees Apu and calls Arjun. Naina asks what are you doing here like thief? Apu says I came to meet Pulti. Arundita says how dare you to call my daughter’s name. Shreya thinks Naina is trying to make her image, but her family won’t let this happen. Arundita says we are a respected family. Apu says even I come from respected family and tells that he loves Pulti and wants to talk to her. Kaushik says I will send you to jail, I am silent as you are Arjun’s brother in law. Arjun asks how dare you to love my sister? Apu says like you have dared to love my sister. Kaushik says your sister is living a lavish life here. He says Pulti is marrying a rich NRI guy and asks him to forget her. Apu says you can’t force her and calls her. Arjun asks him to leave silently. Apu calls her. Pulti hears him and thinks how to meet you, I am locked here. Naina asks Apu not to create the scene and says this is my house and family. She says I am on your side, even if my family is on opposite side. Arundita asks him to leave. Apu refuses and insists to meet her. He says she is mine, and will not marry anyone else.

Naina brings Apu home and calls Chandana. Chandana and others come and ask what happened? Naina asks Chandana to ask Apu what was he doing in her house like a thief? Chandana asks why did you go to meet Naina. Naina says he had come to meet Pulti. Apu tells Kajol that he had went to meet Pulti and says the way Naina di is telling, as if I went there to do something wrong. He says you are complaining about me, who had stolen in her own house. Chandana asks him not to accuse her. Apu tells that he loves Pulti and tells that her phone was off, so he was worried. Naina says my respect is ruined. Kajol asks since when this is going on? Apu says since your marriage day.

Shreya comes to Pulti and asks her to have cupcakes. Pulti asks why did you come here, to convince me to marry with mom and dad’s choice. Shreya says I came to tell you to do the opposite and marry of your choice. She asks her to wait for the right time and take the right step, even if it is bold. She thinks it will be fun.

Kajol asks if the love is one sided. Apu says we both love each other. Chandana says you didn’t think before going there, your sister can be punished due to you.

Precap will be added later.

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