Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Mirza faces water scarcity

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 14th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aashiq telling Mirza that Mishra got it broken forever. Mirza gets angry on Mishra. Mishra asks him to call him Mishra ji. Mirza asks why did you break it? Mishra asks why you didn’t let me repair the sewage line. He says like you had said, everything is fair in love and war. Mirza asks Brij and Shanti to see what Mishra is saying. Shanti says I will report against Mirza in Police. Mishra asks him to get out. Noorjahan tells Sakina and Mirza that they have the problem. Sakina says we can’t make food, wash utensils and can’t make food. Inaam asks where we will take bath. Mirza asks him to go out and play. Inaam says he is grown up now. Mirza asks Sakina not to worry and says we will get new connection. Mirza says we have to dig the land in the house, but first shall take permission from the water dept, and it will take time. Mirza says he will give bribe. Aashiq says they have to give bribe to many, and it will take 8-10 days. Sakina says we have just 2 buckets of water. Mirza asks about the second way. Noorjahan asks him to go and patch up with Mishra. Mirza says no, I will not do this. Aashiq says even Mishra ji will not go this. Sakina says I have to handle the house, and will talk to them. Sakina says workers will come tomorrow. Mishra asks what did you make? Shanti says daliya and says good food will be made when toilet is made. Sakina comes to Shanti and says she wants to talk to her. Mishra tells Shanti that this is Panipat’s war. She asks her to say. Sakina says I am your younger sister. Shanti says not anymore. Sakina says you are a woman and understands woman’s pain. Shanti asks her to tell. Sakina says how will I make food, how will I make kids bath and also wiping the floor etc.

Shanti asks what is the work? Sakina asks her to get their connection fixed. Shanti says no, it will not be connected, and asks her to bear what they have bear. Sakina says I will get the sewage cleaned. Shanti says no need, we are getting new toilet ready by tomorrow. Sakina tells Noorjahan that the two buckets are remaining. Inaam and Zoya come there after taking bath. They tell that little water is left now. Mirza calls Sakina, and tells that water is not coming from the tap. Zoya says we have just a little amount of water left, after bathing. Sakina asks Mirza to apologize to Mishra. Mirza refuses and asks her to send the water. Later Sakina asks how we will make food? Inaam watches matches and shouts happily. Mirza says nobody can listen to you. He asks Inaam to go and bring the food which he ordered. Zoya goes to get it. Mirza says he has ordered biryani. They serve the biryani in the plates and eat it. Noorjahan says after finishing food, what we will drink. He says I will bring water tanker. He calls water tanker and can’t get water in the evening. He then calls someone to get the water bottles, but water is over there also. He couldn’t arrange the water. Inaam shouts watching TV. Mirza switches off the TV and tells that they will get water in the morning. Sakina says I trusted you and have the food. Noorjahan says what we will drink now and asks him to talk to Mishra. Mirza refuses.

Sakina wakes up Mirza in the morning and asks if he forgot about water scarcity. Mirza says yes, we don’t have water. Inaam comes there and says I have woken up. She asks did you drink water? He says he drank and wants to go to bathroom. Mirza asks him to have patience. Mirza calls water shop and comes to know that water will be delivered after 10 am. Inaam says he couldn’t control now. Noorjahan asks Mirza to get water from Brij’s tanker. Inaam’s condition deteriorates as he couldn’t go to bathroom. Mirza goes to terrace and tries to steal the water silently. Brij comes there. Mirza hides. Brij searches his specs and gets it. He goes. He then looks back and sees two buckets kept over the water storage. He comes back.

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