Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vedika lies to Ram

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The Episode starts with Priya asking Tarun the address. He gives her. Neetu asks did you make the arrangements. Priya says yes, almost, did you see mom or Vedika. Vedika comes. Priya says we can keep the party at farmhouse. Shubham says great, I will organize it, you know how I behaved that day, you said right, I should realize my responsibilities, its imp, I m doing it, its a good chance. Vedika says wow, Nandini will be happy seeing your efforts, I will get Ram there and then everyone will give him a big surprise, what say. Priya thinks to go to the cake aunty and convince her to make Ram’s fav cake. She says I want another help, I will send the catering order there, can you get it arranged, Brinda will be there. Vedika says I will handle it alone. Priya says Brinda wants to help, she wants to spend time with you. Neetu says Ram can get the truth out from Adi and Brinda, Vedika likes to plan. Priya says I have to go to Sara and plan the party. She goes. Neetu says don’t expect a lot from her, she isn’t high class. Shubham says she left, she doesn’t know Ram, you have to do this.

Raj says they were trying to find out Anjali. Mahender asks what nonsense. Shashi says you got a good info, follow Priya and find out what’s happening, it must be an imp matter. Mahender asks why. Shashi says I don’t pay you to ask why. Raj says I will get all info for you. They leave. Shashi says Vedika used Anjali to leave this house, I will use her to make Ram kick you out, then you have to come back to me, baby. Neetu says Vedika, you can do the best. Ram comes. Vedika sees him and acts to talk on call about surprise. He asks surprise. She says nothing. He asks what happened. Neetu says its happening for you, Vedika always plans parties for you, she worries a lot for you, everyone is doing something. Ram asks is Priya also planning. She asks does she know your birthday. He thinks she didn’t explain me anything, she doesn’t know my birthday, where is she.

Priya and Sara come to meet Anjali. The manager says there is no one in that room. Priya says okay. She hears a sound. Priya asks what shall we do. She writes a note for Anjali. She offers help and asks Anjali to come to meet her. She gives her number also. She slides the note inside the room. She thinks I hope Anjali reads this note. Ram thinks what’s happening, Priya didn’t call me. He doesn’t pay attention in the meeting. The man asks shall we lock the deal. He says his attention is somewhere else. Adi says no, he is listening. The man taunts Ram. Ram says I was playing a game during your presentation, you would be thinking why I was playing, I m bored of your presentation, you will come to me to get help, we don’t pay bribe to get work done, we do clean work, so I thought to focus on my game, not your deal. Adi asks the man to come with him. Ram says Priya didn’t message and call till now. Adi comes back. He asks what happened. Ram eats cookies. Adi says have it slowly, Priya will scold me if anything happens to your BP. Ram says she doesn’t care for me. Adi asks why are you upset. Ram says I told you the reason for giving her the shares, she returned it. Adi thinks shall I tell him the reason, Priya asked me not to say. He asks did she tell you anything. Ram says you would know the reason, tell me the reason. Adi messages Priya. She asks him not to tell anything to Ram.

Adi reads her message and laughs. Ram scolds him. He gets Nandini’s call. Adi thinks Priya planned a big surprise for you. Nandini says I need to talk. He asks her to say. She asks are you fine. He says yes, sorry, I couldn’t talk to you. She says don’t be sorry, I m happy that you came home on time. He says refuse to Vedika, I like to work, not any celebrations. She asks do you have a problem if we plan your birthday, Vedika did this with love, you never break her heart, she needs your support. He says as you like, where is Priya. Vedika acts to talk to Neeraj. Ram hears this. He asks what is Priya doing with Neeraj. Nandini says don’t know, I will ask Vedika. She asks Vedika why did Priya go with Neeraj. Vedika says don’t know, I didn’t ask him. Ram says plan as you want, I will be there. Nandini says plan is on. Ram says what happened to Priya, this is not done. Raj says Priya and Sara came to meet Anjali, they are leaving. Shashi says go inside, talk to manager, bribe him and find out, don’t get caught. Raj says don’t worry, I will find out everything, nobody will know.

Ram comes home. He says I have to use coupons. He looks for Priya. He says shall I call Priya. Shubham gets his suit. He says Vedika has sent this suit. Ram asks why was Priya returning the shares. Shubham says don’t know, I couldn’t come in the meeting, I went to apologize, she was talking to Neeraj, she said she wants to return the shares, she doesn’t want to help, its fine, I will become responsible. Ram asks him to get ready. Ram calls Priya. Priya says don’t answer his call, he will know it in 2 mins, he is smart. Ram calls the bank and asks for Neeraj. The man says he went on half day leave, his sister in law needed some help. Ram gets angry.

Sara says Ram will be happy seeing this cake, no one can do this for Ram. Ram says I want to thank Vedika for planning all this. He dances with Vedika. Priya feels sad.

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