Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram lies to Meera

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi arguing with Brinda. She says I didn’t need to do this if Nandini didn’t do this drama, she never wanted Akki and Shivi to get married, Ram fell ill and went, Nandini apologized and said Ram left, she can’t do anything, she didn’t think of Ram, she focussed on breaking Priya and Ram’s marriage, she wants to separate them, I believe that they are made for each other, Ram needs Priya, what was the need to make these papers, Nandini is saying its annulment papers, didn’t happen. Adi says Ram and Priya have compatibility issues. Brinda asks how will they bond when the situation is against them, now they have to stand together. She calls Sara and asks did you reach the bakery, I’m coming. Sara says I just reached. Adi thinks what will she do. Kunal scolds the media. Vikrant says they wanted a story, they are saying that Priya is a victim, they got a chance to trap a rich man.

Priya says I am not a victim, I will talk to them. Ram asks who told the media about the papers. Nandini says someone from family would do this. Neetu taunts Priya. Ram says its Priya’s mistake, she leaked the papers, I will throw her out, will you get happy then. Neetu says Ram is supporting Priya. Shubham says we have to find out who leaked the papers. Priya says I will tell the media to not ruin our name. Shubham asks who would know your name, they are ruining Kapoors name. Shashi and Vedika come. Vedika asks are you all fine. Nandini says no, they are blaming us. Shashi says Ram, our financers are refusing to invest in the project. Kunal says I will call Brinda and inform. Priya says let me handle this. Shubham asks what will you do. Ram says who did this and who is benefiting from this. The media questions Sara about Priya’s marriage. Sara says its a normal marriage, not any deal. Brinda comes there and scolds the media. She asks them to think about Priya and her family. She says leave us alone, else I will file harassment case on you, I request you to leave.

Ram and Priya see the media troubling Sara and Brinda. Priya asks where is mum. She calls Maitri and asks are you fine, okay I will call later. She calls Akki and asks are you and Shivi fine, where is mum. Nandini asks where is Adi. Vikrant says Adi went to the news channel, he took the lawyers there to stop them. Priya calls to find out Meera. She cries and says this news shouldn’t reach her. Meera prays in the temple. Priya calls her and says stay there, I am coming. Vikrant says you can’t go there. Kunal says I will get her. They see Meera on the news channel. They worry. The media asks Meera to answer, did she know that Ram has left Priya. Meera cries. Rakhi looks on and smiles. Meera says its a lie. Ram comes there and says no curse can be bigger than mum’s blessing. Everyone sees Ram on the news channel. Meera asks are they saying the truth, that you are leaving Priya, you said you will always support her. Ram says yes, my promise is not dependent on anyone. She says then shut up their mouth. Ram asks who are these people, why shall I tell my family truth to them, I don’t care what they think, I’m worried for you, I didn’t force Priya, you know her, we are scared of her. Brinda smiles. Ram asks Meera to come home with him. Meera says I have heard their taunts all he lives, Priya is my respect, my pride, my daughter can’t get anyone’s curse, she has my blessings and Ram with her. Media asks Ram is he going to leave Priya. Ram takes Meera with him. Nandini asks Priya not to worry. Priya says sorry, Ram kept Meera’s respect today. Nandini asks why did Ram lie, the marriage is going to end, the truth will come out, right. Brinda says its time to go to the plan’s next stage. Kunal says yes. Meera thanks Ram for coming on time and handling things. Ram says don’t thank your son, I will find out how did this happen.

Priya comes and hugs Meera. Nandini comes and asks Ram are you happy. Shivai comes with health drinks. Meera asks Ram to have it. He says first you have it. Meera says sorry for the trouble. Nandini says its not your mistake, I understand. Meera says all is well that ends well. Nandini says yes, won’t you get sweets for me. Meera, Sara and Shivi go. Nandini says Ram, you reached the temple on the right time, why did you lie to Meera, annulment will happen, truth will come out. Priya asks is it imp to talk about this now. Nandini says yes, I am talking to my son. She asks till when will this silence stay, past never leaves us, please understand, how long will we hide this truth, what will you do then, its better that you tell this to Meera now, she will accept it. Priya says no. Ram says no Priya, mom is saying right, Meera will know this some day, but today isnt the day, we have to decide about the divorce, I want to know what Priya thinks. Nandini thinks Ram denied to me. She says as you find right. Priya thinks Ram raised a voice for my respect, I will always remember this. Meera gets sweets. Nandini feeds her. Ram says I will meet you all later. He leaves. He meets Adi. He says you mean we can’t find out who leaked the papers. Adi, Kunal and Vikrant say we can’t force them to reveal their sources. Adi asks Ram do you want to sign these papers.

Priya says I will tell Ram that I don’t want to keep this relation. Ram talks to Priya. He says we have to fix this matter, come to office tomorrow, we have to deny this together.

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