Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram cares for Priya

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Priya asking Tarun to get Ram’s breakfast, she will take it to the room. Akki asks Shivi doesn’t she remember, Ram is ill. Sara asks what, is Ram ill. She worries. Ram goes to the room and sits on the bed. Priya comes. Ram says I like diwali, it lights every corner of the house, you have lit many diyas, happy diwali. She asks him to have halwa. He asks isn’t allowed to me, thanks. He likes it and says Meera made me, she fed me to me yesterday when I met her at the bakery. She says I don’t like when you go and meet my mum, she didn’t tell me about it, this isn’t the same halwa. He says its the same halwa, she didn’t ask me to feed the halwa. She says I have made this halwa, have medicines now. He says you have a problem with our bonding, you are giving me medicines, what happened. She asks him to stop talking now. They laugh. Nandini looks on and thinks once they come close, Ram will get away from us. Priya talks to Sara on call and complains about Ram’s bad eating habits. She makes the kada for Ram. Sara says you should talk to Ram and tell him that his family loves him a lot, he should take care of himself, you are his wife, you can tell him anything. Adi and Ram discuss the business on the video call. Adi says Brinda made the aloo paratha for me, what did your wife make for you. Ram says wives have this work to cook the food for husbands, my wife has made a beautiful rangoli, did your wife make it. Adi says she made a small one.

He calls out Brinda and tells her. Brinda says you also make it. Ram says my wife doesn’t talk to me like this. Priya gets kada. She asks Ram to take rest. Adi laughs and says we were talking about you. Ram asks him to do the work and not give stress. Adi asks won’t you come to temple. Priya says doctor advised him rest. Ram says its imp to go to the temple. Priya says Lord won’t want you to risk your life, have this kada. Ram says its about my dad, he used to walk to the temple and pray for the family, I will handle it. Shivi and Sandy come to the bakery and ask Sara to go home, they will handle the work. Sara thanks them and asks them to check the online orders. She says don’t burn my bakery. She goes. Sandy hugs Shivi and says you are the best, I asked the guy to come here and meet me. Shivi says don’t worry, I will be around. Nurse asks Ram to take rest. Ram says I have to give a surprise to my wife. She says just 5 minutes. He asks did you see Priya. She says she is in kitchen. Shubham says no need to meet her. Sid says she will think I m some creepy guy if I don’t meet her, I m going to the cafe to meet her. Shubham says that’s Shivina’s Sasural, she may see you there. Sid says she would be at home, she will not help them in work, don’t worry. He sees Sandy and smiles. He says she is sitting alone, there is no one. Shubham says leave from there if you think this plan will backfire, I’m coming there. Sid meets Sandy. Shubham steps over the Rangoli. Ram asks what did you do, you spoil the Rangoli. Shubham says I’m getting late. Ram says I am talking to you. Shubham says I asked Tarun to make it aside. Ram says Priya made it. Shubham says don’t make it an issue. Ram says she is your Bhabhi, you should care for her feelings, what if Shivi made this. Shubham asks how can you compare Shivai with her. Ram asks him to accept his mistake. Nandini comes and asks Shubham to get Ram’s medicines. Shubham says I was going, I spoil the rangoli in a rush, really sorry, we are in tension because of Ram. Ram says I m sorry, I didn’t know you all didn’t sleep all night, I will take care of the rangoli. Shubham says sorry, you handle this. He goes. Nandini says I was too worried, I was scared, are you fine. Ram says I’m better. She says we can’t handle this house without you, this family is incomplete without you, please take care. Ram recalls Priya’s words. He says sorry, I will take care. She goes. He says I have to take care of myself, I troubled Priya more.

Priya looks for Ram. She says he can’t rest, I will take his class. Ram shows the rangoli to Brinda. He says Priya will scold me now, she will taunt me a lot. Brinda says relax, don’t fall ill again. He says I’m scared of her taunts. She says stop it now, do as I say now, clean the damaged part neatly, refill the colours. He says Priya’s fingers are beautiful, I can’t do this, I just know to handle business deals. She asks him to clean the colors first. He fixes the rangoli. She says its looking beautiful. He says I am an artist, Priya won’t know that the rangoli had spoiled, she won’t get upset. Brinda says she can get upset if you fall sick again. Priya asks Tarun about Ram. He says I didn’t see him. He goes to Ram and says Priya is finding you. Ram asks him to hide the colours. He hides behind the pillar. Priya asks where did Ram go. She sees him hiding.

Priya says swear on your dad. Ram asks her not to talk about his dad. She walks to the temple and does the puja of the file. Ram asks can Priya sit with me in puja this year. Nandini gets angry.

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