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Scene 1
Baji says how do I become friends with Kashi? She’s living in pain after killing her dreams. Becoming her friend might help her. But how? Kashi stops. Radha says tired? Did you lose again? Kashi says I won. The bowl is completely in the water. Radha is shocked. Kashi says the sweets are here too. Kashi says you think I don’t have manners but my parents taught me to touch elder’s feet after winning. Give me blessings. She touches her feet and takes sweet from Kamini. Kashi distributes the sweets in the kids. Everyone is happy. Baji tries to pick the sweet.. Kashi stops his hand. He says let me eat too. Kashi makes him eat with her hands. She says you deserve the most. He says why? She says what you taught me worked. Balaji says what did he teach you? Kashi says that everyone feels pain but you get through it when you don’t let it reside in your mind. The place that wounded my feet, I walked there again and I feel fine. Baji smiles. Kashi says thank you. Radha says so Baji taught her. Balaji says you are brave. He makes her eat the sweet. Radha leaves.

Balaji says don’t be angry Radha. Don’t see it as a defeat but as Kashi’s win. You chose her to be your DIL. Be happy for her. Radha says she’s not the DIL yet. She’s standing against her MIL. To make it a happy everyone should be in one thread. She’s challenging everything. Don’t try to teach me. He says I have to. I always stood by you. But not today. Because I am standing with my DIL’s happiness. Until you behave like this I will be happy for my DIL.

Scene 2
Kashi comes to her room. Ganga locks the door. She says what happened? Your feet hurt. Let me get the medicine. Kashi cries. Kashi says I don’t want anyone to see my pain. They should think I am happy. I’ve learned to hide my pain. In my family I used to cry on everything but here no one owned me so I can’t cry in front of them. I will face it all alone. I have to suffer all my life beacuse of Shuibai and Balajoshi.

Scene 3
Everyone comes for dinner. Balaji asks Kamini where is Radha? She says she’s not hungry. Baji says let me see aai. Kashi says no wait. I will go and check her. You eat. Radha is sitting in her room. Kashi comes to her. She brings the food and says eat the food. She says I don’t want to. Kashi says when my mom would get mad I won’t go without making her eat. Radha says I am not your mom. I am your MIL. What you used to do here, you won’t do here. That’s the battle between us. Kashi says when I sat in your lap I started considering you my mom. I wanna live with you like I used to live with my mom. Radha says you won just one task. This wasn’t the last. Kashi says not eating the food won’t make you win the challenge. So eat it. Radha says keep it here I will eat it. I will only eat from your hands when you become how I want you to be. Kashi says that would never happen but don’t leave the food. She leaves.

Kashi sits in her room. Baji asks how is aai? She says she’s fine. Baji says let’s go there. She says where? He blindfolds her. She says where are you taking me? He says come with me. Baji takes her outside.
Radha eats her food. Balaji comes. He says I am glad your DIL brought your food and you ate it. You’re leaving your ego behind. Radha says I am not her enemy. I chose her. I am doing all this for her better. Balaji says then you should take food for her too. She hasn’t eaten.

Baji brings Kashi outside. The kids sprinkle flowers on her. Kashi smiles. She dances with Ganga. Baji smiles. Radha comes to Kashi’s room with food but she’s not there. Radha looks around for Kashi. She goes to check Baji. Baji says to Kashi Ganga told me you like everything happy. These kids, they’re so happy. This place it’s neither saswad or chaskaman. And I also came here to tell you something very simple. Kashi says what? He says let’s end being enemies? Let’s become friends? And whatever we decide, these people will be the witness? Kashi says why do you want to be my friend? He says I know with this marriage you didn’t get the husband, MIL or house of your choice. I know you don’t like a lot of things in my house. I want to help you. You mingle with everyone. I like your simplicity. I want any relation between us, be it friendship. When there’s a name of a relation, it increases responsibility and care.

Radha says Baji isn’t in his room either. So they went together. Like they did in the morning? Kashi is breaking the rules of this house. I won’t tolerate that. A kid says to Kashi please say yes. He’s saying it in front of all of us. Another kid says please say yes. all kids dance around them and ask her to say yes. Kashi says stop.

Episode ends

Precap-Baji says do you accept my friends? Our friendship will be known in the history? Do you accept my friendship? Kashi says yes I do. She smiles. Baji sprinkles flowers on her. He comes to hug her. Radha stands between them. She says you are not supposed to break the rules.

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