Baji offers Kashi to become his friend

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Scene 1
Annu says baba will find her. radha says she ran away. What’s a coward. Kashi comes with Baji. Ganga says our ladu isn’t a coward. Krishna says where were you both? Radha says where did you go? Baji says I took her to the lake to bathe. I told her you can have fun and then she can come for arti. Baji says go and change now. Kashi smiles. Radha says I know Kashi’s parents didn’t teach her manners and rituals. But I taught you going out and having fun isn’t the same. He says sorry aai. She says you are Baji Rao. Your mistake has to be punished. She takes him inside. Chimaji says no. Baji says it’s okay. She drags him inside.

Kamini helps Kashi change. Radha says you should know your sport. She hits hand hands with a stick. She says I hope you understand your place now. Kamini says to Kashi let’s go for arti. Ganga tells Kashi Radha hit Baji to punish him. Kashi looks at Radha. Radha says don’t miss arti to see him. Kashi takes the arti.

Scene 2
Chimaji says to Baji become friends with Kashi. He says what? Baji says we can never be friends. We are enemies. Chimaji says doesn’t look like it. You take care of her. People don’t lie for their enemies. And you did. Baji says I did. Chimaji says she went to ask you how to tolerate pain. You lie for friends. Ganga says you both can be friends. Kashi comes there. They leave. Kashi gives him arti. He says I hope your feet have healed. Kashi says it’s better. Kashi says show me your hand. She says because of me your mom punished you. Forgive me. He says she’s my mom. THis isn’t the first time. Kashi says I was the reason for the first time. I am sorry. I will take care. Baji says we promised to be enemies but we are taking care of each other. Kashi says we feel like our lives are ruined because of each other. So we’re trying to fix that. We are still enemies.

Kashi is leaving. Baji says will you be my friend? Kashi stops. Baji says will you be my friend? Kashi says how can you become friends with an enemy? Friends support each other. We have killed each other’s dreams. How can we be friends? Kamini says let me take the thaal. Baji says in heart won’t she agree? Kashi says in heart he’s said such a big thing.

Scene 3
Balaji says to Radha both kids are coming close. Why do you have a problem now? She says open this jar. She keeps giving him. He says I’ve to teach the soldiers I can’t keep opening them. Radha says exactly. I don’t want him to forget his duties. I don’t mind his relation with his wife.

Kashi asks Radha what would happen if I run again? Radha says you will be punished twice as before. Kashi calls all kids and says let’s play. I will run around and you catch me. She runs around. Radha looks at her in anger. Radha says kids.. come here. There’s a big day today. Kashi did her first arti. Let’s make something sweet. Kids say halwa, modak, laddu. She says go tell in the kitchen. Kashi says I am ready to walk on the sand.

Radha says you couldn’t do one round yesterday how will you do it twice? Kashi recalls Baji telling her how to tolerate pain. Kashi says I will. She starts walking. Radha says if you win you will give sweets, otherwise I will. Kashi keeps walking. Kamini stops Ganga from going there.

Scene 4
Kashi asks his soldier how to make friends? He says I don’t know myself. Kashi thinks about Baji’s offer and if she should become friends with Baji. She keeps walking. Kashi recalls her moments with Baji. Baji asks everyone how to make a true friend? Ganga says I will tell you. KAshi says light things. You talk to her politely and she will understand. Baji says but how? Ganga says you figure that out but she needs a friend like you.

Kashi completes the second round. Radha is shocked.

Episode ends

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