Balaji asks Shahu to convince Mahadji

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Scene 1
Mahadji says the proposal is accepted. They are even richer than us. She will become their DIL. Prepare for the wedding. Kashi says in heart I will marry anyone but Baji.

Balaji writes the letter to Mahadji. Radha stops the man and says give me the letter. Balaji says it needs to go to Mahadji. Radha says give it to me. It won’t go to him. Balaji says stop this demand. Radha says all doors aren’t closed. Balaji says they’ve rejected it. stop dreaming about it. It will ruin our friendship. Radha says I will do anything to make it happen. Radha says I won’t tie my hair until you make it happen. Balaji says what decision? It’s already done. Radha says I will get Baji and Kashi married, if they don’t get married, I will keep my hair lose. Balaji says he will become my enemy if I force him. This isn’t right. Radha says you want to protect your friendship only. You’re made leader of the army to save this regime not just fight. I know they’re rich but he also wants to save the regime. He gave you wealth but he said no once before too. He was also seeing regime fall. Who knew he pretends to be mad at his son or gave wealth so Shahu won’t know about his son. Balaji says you’re saying wrong. He’s mad at his son because he became a fighter and shook hands with Rani. Radha says this marriage will save Maratha regime.

Balaji says it will destroy our family. He says it will save our family. Balaji what are you saying? She says if Shahu Maharaj loses to Rani, we will not be safe. Will we be? This marriage is important for Maratha regime and our family’s safety. Balaji says listen. I will tie your hair. He ties her hair and says tomorrow prepare to go with me. I will talk to Shahu Maharaj about this marriage. But the way you get stubborn on everything isnt right.

Scene 2
Kashi asks Bhavani and Shuibai what is baba doing? Bhavani says he’s matching your kundli with the guy. Shuibai says if kundlis are matched the couple lives happily together. Kashi says so Baji and my Kundli would never match? We fight a lot. Shuibai says you’re right. your kundlis can never match.

Scene 3
Balaji comes to Shahu Maharaj. He says I want to get my son Baji Rao to Mahad’s daughter Kashibai. Shahu says that would be great. Both my wellwishers will be relatives. Balaji says Mahadji has rejected the proposal. Shahu says why? Balaji says they think we are fighters and they are bankers. Our families don’t have anything similar. He respects you a lot. He won’t say no to you. Shahu says marriage is a personal affair I can’t interfere in it. When you both are friends.

Mahadji says the kundlis are matching. I will send the kundlis to the guy’s family. After 3 days there’s a good day. Kashi says 3 days? Can’t we delay it? Why such hasty? Shuibai says because Baji’s mother wants to take you with her. Kashi says he came here once and ruined my life. I will take my revenge. Shuibai says we should send shagun too. Bhavani says yes we have to prepare a lot of things.

Shahu says what made you think I would use my power to force a marriage? His minister says but Balaji is also right. I agree with him. Please listen once. Balaji says I didn’t want to insult you. This marriage will be the reason of the regime’s protection. He says it’s just a marriage. Don’t tie it with the regime’s future and safety. The minister says Mahadji’s son works for Rani. If he ever has to choose between his son and you, who would he choose? You know he is old and his son is young. Balaji says he won’t go against you if his daughter is married to Baji. He won’t go against her. Shahu says we can’t punish Mahadji for what his son did. He has helped me and I can’t force him for this marriage. You can risk your friendship for it but I respect my wellwishers. Balaji says but.. He says enough.

Scene 4
Annu says what’s this letter? Chimaji says Kashi’s letter. She wrote it for BAji. He tore it so I picked it. Baji says why? Chimaji says she’s my friend and I keep friends’ things. Annu says you might also need it. He says I wouldn’t need it. Bhui says he doesn’t know. Baji says don’t know what? Annu says baba and kaka have gone to Shahu so they can convince Mahadji for your and Kashi’s wedding. Baji says how is that possible? Baba said he won’t get me married to her.

Mai says to Radha don’t worry. Shahu is involved now. Baji comes and says where is baba? She says you look angry looks like you. Baji says I don’t like her and baba said he won’t get me married to her. Radha says you are talking to your mom. Parents know what is right and wrong for their kids. If you think Kashi is your enemy, then you are getting married to an enemy. Baji gets angry.

Scene 5
Krishna says Kashi come. They’re choosing sarees for your wedding. Her elder brother says we are also sad that you will leave this house but we will celebrate until you’re here. Customs would be fun. Kashi says but I am getting married because of Baji’s fear? I don’t like it. He says get involved in the wedding festivities. You will love it.

Shuibai and Bhavani choose the sarees. Mahadji says where is Kashi? Ask her to choose as well. Kashi picks a necklace. Mahadji says Kashi, put all gifts in the thaal. It should be done with your hands. A soldier comes in and says Shahu has sent a man and he wants to meet you asap. Mahadji asks the man what is it? He says Shahu has called you to the palace. It’s something very important. Mahadji says what is it? he says I don’t know. Mahadji says okay I will go tomorrow.

Scene 6
Shuibai says to Mahad you shouldn’t go there so fast. Mahadji says how can I say no to Shahu? bhavani says I feel like Radha must have asked him to force you. Mahadji says he’s the king. He’s not a kid. Balaji and Radha can’t force him. Shuibai says Radha can cross any limit. We should go and live with Balajoshi until Kashi is married. We will be safe there. In Rani’s area Radha’s games won’t work and Shahu’s pressure won’t work either. Mahadji says Shuibai what are you saying? Don’t be so scared of Radha that we leave our land. Shahu won’t force just because Radha asked. Even if they do that, I love my daughter so much that I can so no to Maharaj as well.

Episode ends

Precap-Baji says to Balaji you said I won’t marry Kashi. Why did you take the same proposal to Shahu Maharaj then? Balaji says you will know on right time. Radha’s mom asks Kashi will you give Baji wealth if he asks? Kashi says yes, because he’s a fighter.

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