Balika Vadhu Season 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anandi and Jigar’s reception

Balika Vadhu Season 2 10th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maadi baa saying a wife is identified by sindoor and mangalsutra. Anandi asks what about the husband, how does everyone know that he is just of his wife. Diya says maybe she didn’t throw the books and lost it. Anand says I don’t think so, she gets happiness by books, she would keep it safe, something is wrong, Anandi is in some trouble. Bhairavi comes to talk. Anand leaves. She says he has time for everyone, except me. She cries. Sejal asks Anandi not to argue. She asks Maadi baa not to scold Anandi. Maadi baa says Jigar will apply sindoor to Anandi, then she will know that a husband is a wife’s Lord. She asks Anandi to call Jigar right away. Jigar meets his friend. He sees the wine bottle. He says I will get drunk and then go to the room for my first night, Anandi should know that she is lucky. His friend says you are so lucky. Jigar says you will also get a girl. His friend asks will you really let her go to college. Jigar calls him a fool. Sejal calls him and says come home for the sindoor rasam, Maadi baa is calling you. Jigar says I did that rasam in childhood, I have work, you do that rasam. Sejal says he said he can’t come. Maadi baa says fine, Anandi will apologize to Maa and apply sindoor herself.

Anandi cries and applies the sindoor. She wears the mangalsutra. Anand calls Anandi. He says she is not receiving the call, do you think I should call Kanku. Diya asks him to meet Vikrant. Vikrant says you didn’t spend time with us. Anand asks him to come to US. Vikrant says I have a lot of work here, then Diya and I will have a long honeymoon. Anand asks where do your parents live in US, I was thinking to meet them, we are a big happy family now. Vikrant coughs. Kiara calls Anand boring. Vikrant says we should leave now, take care. Anandi says I can’t do this. Sejal says you are scared, every girl feels scared, don’t worry, I was also scared on my first night, this happens with everyone, I will be always your mum. She goes to see the halwa preparations. Kanku asks Anandi not to worry. Anandi says I also want to be her daughter, but her happiness for the reception made me her bahu, my mum would have thought about my dreams, not the reception, don’t worry, my Meethi never accepted defeated in ten years, how will Anandi lose. Anand packs his bags to leave.

Bhairavi says you can ask for our help. He says I want to do things myself. She says this is our love, why do you stay away from us. He says I feel your love is suffocating, your help looks a burden, so I stay in the US. She says you have to move on, did you keep the passport and ticket. He says yes, mom. She says everything is waiting. He goes. She cries.

Prem gets ready and asks for Jigar. Sejal says he said he is busy in the factory. He says he wasn’t there, where is he, he left his studies to join work, handle him. She says Anandi will guide him and bring him to the right path. Maadi baa and Prem lie to the guests that they got Jigar and Anandi married in the kuldevi temple. Kanku gets Anandi. Maadi baa smiles. Anand hugs Diya. Diya says don’t you dare to make any excuse, take a leave for the marriage. Bhairavi asks Anand to take care. Anand leaves.

Prem says Jigar isn’t in his room. Maadi baa asks where did he go. The servants get a huge gift wrapped. The man says this gift is for you. Anandi opens the wrapper and checks the box. Jigar comes out of the box and smiles. Everyone smiles and claps for him. Jigar says its a unique gift for your 18th birthday, that’s me.

The Episode ends.

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