Balika Vadhu Season 2 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Jigar fools Anandi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 10th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi reading Ratan’s letter. Ratan apologizes for getting Anandi’s child marriage done. Ratan writes… if you aren’t happy with the child marriage, then you can break this child marriage legally, its your right. Anandi hugs the letter and cries. Anand argues with Maadi baa. Anand says we can’t trust you. Anandi comes home with the burnt letter. Everyone gets tensed with the letter. Anandi says you had burnt it, you are thinking how did I get it. Maadi baa asks why will I burn this. Anandi says so that I never know this, why did you do this with me, why did you hide this thing from me. She tells that I can break this marriage if I want and decide about my marriage. Sejal says you are mistaken. Anandi says you call me daughter, you did a big injustice with me, you knew I wasn’t ready with this marriage, Jigar misbehaves with me, even then you snatched my right to decide, I promised my mum that I will always stay with you, you didn’t tell me that my mum took back the promise. Maadi baa says marriage happens for seven births. Anandi says marriage with such a husband who kidnaps and tortures me, how can I reform him. Prem says I went to bail him out, he didn’t accept the bail, he wants to meet you, he didn’t meet me, we did wrong, we will not come between your decision, just meet him once. She goes to the room and cries. Anand asks her to open the door. Vikrant asks the man to talk slowly. The man scolds him and asks him to give the loan money back. Mehul comes. Vikrant hands over the money and also the diamond necklace. He recalls Kiara stealing the necklace. The man leaves. Vikrant thinks its good everyone is focussed on Jigar and Anandi’s matter. Prem asks Anand to go to his room. He tries talking to Anandi. She opens the door.

He asks her not to stay upset with him. He says don’t go to meet Jigar, I always wished to get a daughter and when you were born, I thought my wish got fulfilled, I m with you in your decisions, you aren’t alone. He blesses her and goes. Maadi baa asks how can you ask Anandi to decide it. She says she can break the marriage. Prem says maybe yes or maybe not, Prem is repenting, he will apologize to Anandi and get another chance. She says its good if this happens. They see Anandi coming in the suhaagan avatar. Anand comes. Anandi says I m going to Devgarh. He asks why. Maadi baa says its good, you got some senses, you are going to meet Jigar, right. Anand stops Anandi. She says its my fight, you can’t support me always. Anandi comes to the police station to meet Jigar.

Inspector asks her to sit. Anandi says I have come to meet Jigar. Inspector says we know everything. Anandi sees Jigar enjoying in the police station. She asks what’s all this, how did he come out. Inspector says its good you have come here, else we would have come to arrest you, you attacked your husband, we have the proof. Anandi asks what nonsense. Inspector shows the cctv footage where Anand and Anandi beat Jigar. Jigar says its good I had the proof, else a man is regarded wrong, its so shameful that my wife was with a stranger at her parents’ house.

She says you crossed all limits today, Prem and Sejal think you want to change, stop it. Jigar says you have gone too far, mum and dad think I have kidnapped you, now your truth will come out. She says I will not leave you. Jigar says she is doing this in front of you, you know the real culprit. Anandi gets arrested. She cries. She says I will go, its my mistake, I came here to meet him, I should get punished. He sees her behind bars and smiles. He says I could have sent police to jail, its fun to call you here and see you behind bars, don’t know how will you spend a night here, a good night in this jail, love you. She says pray that I don’t come out, else none can save you.

Anandi wipes off the sindoor by pouring water on her head. She says I m not your wife now, our relation is over.

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