Balika Vadhu Season 2 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anand supports Anandi’s decision

Balika Vadhu Season 2 12th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi talking to the lawyer. Prem says Anandi has gone to the lawyer to annul the marriage. Sejal worries. Reporters come to take his interview. Prem gives the interview. The lady asks for Mehul. Bhairavi comes and answers. She says Mehul is busy in an urgent meeting, he is on his way. She says I didn’t know you all will do this. Anand talks to Diya. He asks did Anandi come back. She says you got so beaten up, come with me, Anandi didn’t come. He says she went to the lawyer. Anandi signs the papers. She says thanks mum and dad for giving me this courage. Lawyer asks her to be ready for the case’s first hearing. Anand says finally, Anandi has gone to annul the marriage, I m so happy. Bhairavi comes and asks why are you so happy, at least think of your family. She asks Diya to get the first aid box. Diya goes. He says I m fine, Anandi got free from this unwanted relation. She says you reached jail because of her.

She says I m worried for my son and also reputation. He says no mom, you just worry for your reputation, so you have hidden the truth since 26 years. She says enough, you know it, what are you trying to do, why don’t you think of yourself and us, that girl is just a problem for us. She does the aid to him. He says you know women face difficulty in getting rights, you should help her. She says at the cost of my son, I will not help her, its enough now, I don’t want this news to come out. He says you want me to pretend right, I will get ready and come, I will show that there is no problem between us. He goes and sees Anandi. He says did you sign the annulment papers. She nods. He says good, I m sorry to react like this, I m happy that you took a stand for yourself, its not easy for you to break relations.

She says sorry, you had to hear a lot because of me. He says yes, finally, you got some sense, you are strong. She says I will be hurting the family by my decision. He says don’t take burden, you also did a lot for them, its Jigar’s mistake, he didn’t value you, his family supported him, its your patience to tolerate this, its high time, think of yourself. She says one who thinks of own self falls alone. He says you have to become a voice for every girl to inspire, fly some kites, get ready and come. She says I don’t want. He says don’t worry, media is there, no one will ask anything, I will be waiting, come. Mehul talks to the reporters.

Prem says I hope this bad terms don’t affect the business. Mehul says my thinking isn’t so small. Jigar flies the kites and says what’s mine is mine, I will not let Anandi go away. His friend says you did a lot with her, you are flying a kite here. Jigar says real fun will start when Anandi comes. Anandi comes there. Jigar says she doesn’t know what will happen with her. Anandi says I m going to make a new start. She takes their blessings. Sejal scolds her. Anand looks on. Kiara comes and asks Anandi not to stay upset. Anand says lets have a kite flying competition. Kiara says awesome idea, I will be in your team. Jigar collides with him. His friend says you lost attention and your kite got cut. Anand calls Jigar predictable. Jigar says you hide after Anandi always, you are predictable. Anandi asks him to limit his words. Jigar argues with them.

He challenges Anand. Anandi says you forgot you lost to Anand in gilli danda ten years back. Jigar says I will defeat you and cut your pride. Anandi asks him to come, none can defeat her. Kiara announces the competition. Anandi, Anand and Jigar fly the kite along with others. Anandi says I will cut down Jigar’s kite.

Maadi Baa and everyone scold Anandi. Anandi says I don’t have to lose.

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