Balika Vadhu Season 2 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Sejal worries for Anandi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anand clapping for Anandi. Everyone claps. Anandi gets the 10 marks. Teacher says Anandi has won the face off round, that means Team B has won. Anandi smiles. Jigar is shocked. Everyone claps. The man requests Mehul and Bhairavi to come on the stage and give the award to Anandi. Bhairavi says congrats Anandi. Mehul says the students left me speechless. Bhairavi says congrats to Anandi and Jigar, they both did well, Anandi’s poem had emotions, love and feelings to meet her mum. Anandi nodes. Bhairavi says everyone got emotional hearing Anandi’s emotions, she reminded us of our mothers, I will call my mom and tell her that I love her a lot, thanks for making me meet my mom. She hugs Anandi. Everyone claps. Anand clicks his pics. Jigar gets angry and goes. The boys make fun of him and laugh. They send him some message and ask him to check his phone. Jigar checks. Anandi and Kanku come there. Jigar says I was with my friends. Anandi asks are you angry with me. He says no. She says I know you are angry, because me and my team won the competition, don’t get upset, take my medal. He says you didn’t deserve to win this, you were lucky because Anand helped you, I don’t want this charity. He goes.

Jigar is in his room. He sees the pic sent by his friends. Sejal comes and asks what’s all this. He asks what happened. She asks him to see the room messed up. She asks him to go and freshen up, keep the phone on the table. She cleans the room. He goes. She gets a call. She ends the call. She sees the pics and worries. Anandi comes and says Kaki… Sejal asks what happened. Anandi says I’m afraid that you are also angry on me like Jigar. Sejal asks is he angry. Anandi says yes, Maadi baa sent breakfast for Jigar. Sejal says keep the plate and go, do your homework. Anandi says fine. She leaves. Sejal says I have to save Anandi. Anandi thanks Anand. He praises himself. He says donkey praises his own tail. He says nice. They laugh. Prem comes and says Anandi made her team win, Mehul and Bhairavi praised her a lot, what’s the matter. She says I have seen something in Jigar’s phone. He asks what. She tells everything. He worries.

He says every boy goes through his phase. She says yes, he is growing up, we should pay attention, Anandi stays with us, I have decided it, we won’t sleep together from today, I had promised Ratan that I will take care of Anandi. Anandi sees Ratan’s pic and talks to her. Sejal comes and consoles her. She says we will sleep together from now, come, I m like your mum, if Ratan isn’t here, I m with you. Anandi thinks of Ratan. She holds Sejal’s hands. Its morning, Maadi baa calls Anandi and asks how are you feeling now, did you get a bad dream at night. Anandi says no. Maadi baa says I saw Sejal sleeping in your room. Anandi says yes, she said she will sleep with m everyday. Sejal and Kanku come. Diwari says you would have told Sejal. Anandi says no, Sejal came herself. Sejal asks Anandi and Kanku to tie the clothes and keep in their rooms. Maadi baa asks will you sleep in Anandi’s room now. Sejal says yes. Maadi baa asks will you forget your patni dharm, did you tell Prem. Sejal says I tell him everything, our relation isnt so weak, I shared my concern about Anandi and he understood, I hope you also understand. Diwari says see she is taking her own decisions.

Bhairavi meets some ladies. They say we can’t get our girls married at a young age. Sejal comes. Bhairavi says our NGO will help you, you have to fight against injustice, the girl can file a complaint against child marriage, she can get the marriage annulment. Anandi comes and hears them. Sejal looks at Anandi.

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