Balika Vadhu Season 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anand tries helping Anandi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 8th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanku asking Anandi didn’t Jigar agree. Anandi says no. Anand gives the Bhagwad gita audio book to Maadi baa. She likes it a lot. He says you should have studied and then read the Gita yourself, don’t you think Anandi should study further, am I saying right. Kanku says don’t pick the small pieces, you will get hurt. Anandi says I have to join back the pieces. Anand says you are the most sensible here, you love Anandi and will be happy when she earns a name. Maadi baa says she won’t study further, its enough now, its my last decision, you can ask me for any other gift.

Maadi baa says we had a good time here, sorry for whatever happened. Bhairavi says its fine, Kanku is our daughter also, we are with you. Jigar hugs Anand and says you forgot what I told you, a person stays upset while pleasing others, mind your own business. Bhairavi says you should have stayed here, we would have celebrated Anandi’s birthday, Anand is leaving for US tomorrow. Jigar says we also kept a party. Maadi baa says no, he just planned a surprise for her, they are childhood friends. Diya says something is going on between Jigar and Anandi. Anand goes to meet Anandi. He helps her. She says its okay. He says fine, do it. She stumbles. He holds her hand. They argue. Her bag handles gets broken. She scolds him and fixes it back. He says we may not meet again, can’t you forgive me, its okay, you go. He gifts her some books. He asks her to see the books. He jokes. She checks the book and reads… don’t give up on your dreams. He says I would have fought everyone if I had to study. She says we are different. He asks can I help you. She says no, I have to go, everyone is waiting for me. He makes a smiley on the book. Jigar says I will sit with Anandi. Anandi says I want to sit in the front seat and get fresh air. Sejal says sit fast, we have to reach home on time. He sees the books given by Anand and throws it out of the car. Anand recalls Anandi. He says I will call Anandi and wish her. He says happy birthday Anandi.

Its morning, Anandi asks Ratan to let her sleep. Ratan asks her to wake up. Anandi says I will do amazing work and make you proud. She laughs. She dances with Ratan and hugs her. Jigar bursts a balloon and wakes her up. Anandi sees the decorations. Everyone wishes her happy birthday. Anandi takes the elders’ blessings. Anandi sees the sindoor and mangalsutra there. Maadi baa says we will tell everyone today that you are our bahu, and Jigar’s wife.

The episode ends.

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