Balika Vadhu Season 2 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Jigar hurts Anandi

Balika Vadhu Season 2 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maadi baa saying its not your birthday party, but your reception, you will shine today as the bride. Anandi cries. Sejal says you would be missing your mum. She shows the jalebis to Anandi. She asks Anandi to always stay happy. Anandi hugs her. Everyone goes. Jigar wishes Anandi and calls her Mrs. Jigar Anjaria. He says I will give the real gift at night. He smiles. Maadi baa asks him to come, he can’t meet Anandi before reception. He says I am coming. He goes to kiss Anandi. She makes him away and asks him to go. He says okay, its a matter of few hours, then I will show a husband’s right. Anand calls Anandi. He says she has switched off her phone today, anyways happy birthday Anandi. He sees some kids going with the books.

A pic falls there. Bhairavi calls him out. She gives him the laddoo box. She says its your fav, you could have stayed for some days. Diya comes and says I have something for you. She gives a long list of her wishes. She says I should get all these things, don’t miss this. Bhairavi says come back soon, take good care of yourself. He gets Anandi’s earring from his pocket. He thinks I forgot to give this to her. Maadi baa says tell everyone that we had to get Jigar and Anandi married in the kuldevi temple, else we will get trapped in legal mess, remember what Bhairavi did at Kanku’s time. She asks Kanku to go and see is Anandi ready. Anandi irons the clothes and recalls Jigar’s words. She burns her hand by mistake. Jigar comes and sees her.

He says you would be missing me. She asks him to go. He says I got gold bangles for you, this will suit you. She says I will wear it later. He says right now. She says its not of my size, I’m getting hurt. She gets hurt. Kanku comes and looks on. She asks what are you doing here. He says I’m going. He says its a matter of some time, then your room will be our room. He says sorry and goes. Anandi cries. Kanku sees Anandi’s hand bleeding. She does the aid. She says I will tell this to Maadi baa. Anandi says no, Jigar is her fav, I don’t want Sejal to worry. Anand gets the note and says I gave this to Anandi. He asks the kids about the books. The girl says we got it outside. He asks how can she throw the books, she is serious about studies. Kanku makes Anandi ready. Ik tara….plays… She says I m scared for you, how will you live with him. Anandi says even I m scared, I can’t break my promise to my parents, I promised that I will always stay here as Jigar’s wife, I have turned 18 years now, Sejal always supports me, she also wants to see me as her bahu. Kanku asks what about your dreams, Jigar promised you, he will let you study if you become of him. Anandi says I want to trust him, but I m ​​not too lost that I can’t see the truth, I know he is fooling me, he won’t let me study, but I will keep trying to fulfill my dreams. She cries. She picks a book and says battle is long, I’m sure I will win it one day. She hugs the book.

Anand plays the guitar. He recalls Anandi. He gets hurt. Diya asks how long will you get tangled in the past. He says I can’t digest the fact that Anandi has thrown these books. Sejal comes to Anandi and compliments her. She asks Anandi to wear the mangalsutra and apply sindoor. She says everyone is waiting for you, didn’t you like the mangalsutra, don’t worry, we will make a new one, apply the sindoor. Anandi drops the sindoor. Maadi baa gets shocked. She scolds Anandi for making a bad omen. Anandi says there isn’t anything such, its just superstitions, else wrong would have not happened with anyone till now. She argues and makes Maadi baa angry.

Maadi baa says call Jigar right away, Jigar will apply the sindoor to Anandi now. Anand stops on the way.

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