Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update : Angoori falsely accused Vibhuti

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari hiding himself. TMT catches him. Teeka ask where were you ruining. Tiwari says doctor told me to walk fast so was doing that. Tillu says no need to give excuse og doctor. Malkhan says you are seeing this scissors and threaten him with that and says we gave you 24hrs to repay. Tiwari says I’m like your elder brother. Tillu says there is no relation in this business just repay us and then we can party for your achievement with your money. Malkhan says you have less time now. Tillu says now think you want to save your life or money. Tiwari gets scared slap Tillu and run. TMT chase him and beat.

Tiwari in his bedroom. Angoori walks in see him and get scared calls Tiwari says listen some beggar come inside. Tiwari says its me your husband. Angoori ask what happen to you. Tiwari says Vibhu did this to me. Angoori says I cannot believe this, he cannot do this he went with to see movie. Tiwari says you went with my enemy to watch movie. Angoori says sorry but he invited me and sais I’ll shoot a video and show to manager that we are family friends so that he don’t trouble you that’s why I went with him for you. Tiwari says then Vibhu must have said that manager said no. Angoori says yes but how you know. Tiwari says because I know him very well he is not the kind of person to trust on, he must have taken you because that must be scary movie and he might be afraid of that so he took you because Anu will not take part in his nonsense. Angoori says then how did he beat you. Tiwari scolds her and says it was his staff people, now we have to take revenge in his language for that you can help me. Angoori says how can I help you. Tiwari tell her plan. Angoori says but this is false allegation, this is wrong. Tiwari says you have to do you have your husband swear. Angoori says now I have to do it.

Helan, David and Vibhu sitting in hall. Helan touch Vibhu. Vibhuti says don’t touch me. Helan ask tell me how’s your work going on. Vibhu says till the time I have your blessings everything will go fine. David says I’m liking to live this time. Anu brings snacks. Helan eats it and says it feels like less crispy. David says its more crispy then papad and says to Anu please make some soft next time. Anu says I’ll make international level next time. Happu Singh walks in and says police is there where is the criminal is present. David says I didn’t eve-teased Chhedi’s wife on purpose there was some dust in my eye. Happu Singh says shutup I’m here for someone else. Anu ask for whom did you come then. Happu Singh says there is only one culprit in this colony and he is Vibhu. Vibhuti says what are you talking I’m innocent. Happu Singh says innocent people fo not eve-tease there neighbour, says to Anu he saw Bhabhi Angoori alone in house and eve tease her. Vibhuti says he is talking rubbish can you imagine that I can teas Angoori. Anu says Happu Singh you are saying lie. Happu Singh says no I’m right come to police station and I’ll show what Angoori ask us to write, Tiwari was unable to pay his emi for bank and he took advantage of his situation. Helan and David scolds him. Vibhu says this is lie. Happu Singh takes him to police station. Anu says now I think he will loose his job and says to Helan you turned out to be unlucky for Vibhu.

Vibhuti in jail. Tiwari, Anu, Happu Singh and Manohar in police station. Happu Singh says to Vibhu all report is completed. Vibhuti says to Anu how can you give false allegation against me I’m your neighbor Vibhu. Tiwari shouts at him. Vibhu says to Tiwari I’m talking to Angoori and says ask yourself can I do this to you. Tiwari says are you saying how he is saying to my wife. Happu Singh mocks him and says are you in wedding putting demands, you just keep record for how much time we will beat you. Vibhu says calls Tiwari. Tiwari says shutup that’s not the way you do your job. Vibhu says this was my first assignment I loose track we can sit and talk. Tiwari says I tried to talk but you didn’t listen. Anu walks in. Vibhuti says to Anu please save me I cannot do this and she is saying that I eve tease her. Angoori says to Tiwari please look he is sorry please forgive him now. Tiwari says shutup. Anu says to Tiwari and Happu that if Vibhu resign from his job and say sorry to Angoori so will you leave him. Happu Singh says if Angoori give permission then I’ll release him. Angoori says I’m ready. Happu Singh ask Manohar to bring out Vibhu. Vibhu come out and says sorry to Angoori. Tiwari says sorry to me too for troubling me. Vibhu says I’m sorry it won’t happen again and I’ll leave my job. Happu Singh call Vibhu and whispers to take bribe. Vibhu says he is asking for bribe. Happu Singh says what are you saying I said you to take care of Bhabhiji and ask them to leave.

Anu in hall. David and Helan walks in with luggage. Helan says how unlucky we are for our kid. David says when we were coming Vibhu got job and he lost his job when we were here I feel pity for him. Anu says no need to worry everything will be fine. Helan says to Anu you are the saviour. Anu says I’m always lucky for him and won’t let anything happen to him. Helan says I’ll miss your ginger tea. Anu says I’ll make it but I don’t want you to miss your flight. Helan says then we should leave. David says we will have tea at airport and they leave. Anu says sorry Helan if you would have not trouble me then this would not have happen. Vibhuti walks in and ask Anu where is mommy. Anu says mommy is not here they have to leave and you will not argue on this. Vibhu says I cam to thanks you. Anu says you do not need to be emotional or else I’ll go in trip because I trapped you into all this. Vibhuti in shock and ask why. Anu says it was important to leave your job because number one you were troubling Tiwari a lot and number two David and Helan were thinking themselves as lucky for you and were troubling me a lot so it was important to make them realize that they are unlucky for you hence the whole plan. Davyand Helan hear everything. David says our flight got canceled so we need to come back. Vibhu gets happy.

TMT sitting near tea stall. Saxena walks in and says please make my special tea. Teeka says thank god you are here. Tillu says we feel like haviytea and we were not able to take it below our throat. Malkhan says we didn’t have money for tea and start crying. Saxena says I’m here don’t worry, I cannot give you money but can tell you how you can earn money and drink tea, I’ll make a movie on you and from that you can earn money. TMT get excited and ask what will be the name of movie. Saxena says the name of movie will be Burden On Us. Teeka gets up and beat Saxena. Saxena leave. Masterji walks in. TMT greet him and Tillu says where are you strolling around with a lot’s of things. Malkhan says uf you want we can help you to drop it we are here to help you requesting you. Masterji says okay. Teeka says you look tiered have some tea a offer us too. Masterji says okay and ask seller to give tea. TMT drinks tea and Masterji aks them to drop his stuff to his house. TMT ignore him and go away for a round near girls hostel.


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