Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update Angoori shifts to temple

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori on call with Bhuri, congratulates on being pregnant. Tiwari says she is pregnant again, she should atleast have 3 years difference, Angoori says you don’t talk, your family planning has no start yet, I want kids enough, atleast 3-4, Tiwari says calm down, Angoori calls Amaji, and tells Amaji about Tiwari and she not having kids, Amaji asks her to put on speaker and scolds Tiwari, and says don’t worry Pandit Rampal will give some solution, Angoori says okay and goes to sleep.

Vibhu flirting with Angoori’s photo, Anu walks in and asks all okay you murmuring, Vibhu says I was missing you, Anu says I am right here, Vibhu says you are hear yet far, Anu says are you drank, Vibhu says you just physically here but your soul is away, Anu says have you lost it, and the problem is you, you go away when I come close to you, Vibhu says I agree I don’t follow any wishes of you, but we should have had this decision 5 years bag and have a kid too but forget it

Tilu and Malkan very cold, Tilu asks when will Teeka be realised from jail, Malkan says not soon he teased a girl. Tilu says he is still eating free, look at us, Tea seller gets a call that his brother ran away with a girl, he says I made a full tea shop set up for him. Tilu asks him why is he worried, He says I bought tea stall for my uncles son and he ran away, and he has to just pay me 500 and all other income theirs, Tilu says we will pay you that, He says you can start from tomorrow.
Saxena walks to them wet in cold.

Angoori watering plants, Vibhu hears her song and says you look to excited for kids, Angoori says I should be having kids by now, Vibhu says its all Tiwari’s fault, Angoori says may be God wants this, Angoori gets call from Amaji, and asks her to meditate, and its difficult in this cold but if you complete it, she will be pregnant soon, Angoori says I will do it just tell me, Amaji says you have to sleep for a month at Baba Bhadaknath, Angoori says okay.

Angoori tells Vibhu about the solution, Saxena showering in cold on a cart, and passes by Vibhu and Angoori, Angoori says he is mad.
Rhusa walks to Anu and says we have a BB club – Buk Buk club and would you like to come and share your thoughts, Anu says offcourse and I’m not in right shape of mind, you know husband wife, Rhusa says tell me, Anu says you won’t understand you aren’t married, Rhusa says I can help you tell me, Anu says tell me how you see a man, Rhusa says they are like kites don’t give them too much freedom nor keep them tight and now do come to the club bye.
Anu says I will give Vibhu lots of love. Vibhu walks to her and says bhabhiji is shifting to temple for a month, you talk to her, Anu starts flirting with Vibhu, Vibhu says I am getting you coffee and goes to kitchen. Anu follows him.

Tiwari tries to convince Angoori not to go, Angoori says I have to do this and will go, Vibhu asks where are you going, Angoori says yes to temple, Vibhu says its very cold don’t do it and instead of this take your mother to doctor, and Bhabhiji your health will go bad don’t do it, Angoori says I will be fine don’t worry. Vibhu says Anu will miss you, Tiwari says I will give bhabhiji company, Vibhu says she hates it and starts crying says bhabhiji don’t go. Angoori says why you getting emotional. Malkan walks to them and asks where are you going, Angoori tells about solution near temple, Malkan says don’t worry we are there to take care of bhabhiji our tea stall is near temple.

Tilu and Malkan at tea stall, Angoori and Tiwari come there, Tilu says Tiwari you don’t care about bhabhiji letting her suffer, Angoori says enough of this now, Tilu gets them tea, Malkan says bhabhiji I will take fulk care of you, Angoori says I am strong and daring don’t worry about me and now Tiwari you go, I’m safe here. Tiwari says you take care. Malkan asks for 100₹ for tea, Tiwari denies to pay, Angoori says don’t worry I will, Tiwari hands Tilu money and leaves.

Vibhu at Prem’s house, his wife calls him unemployed, Prem walks to Tiwari and asks what is it, Vibhu says its so cold, and tells about Angoori shifting to temple, Prem says you go too but Anu won’t listen, Vibhu says I will fight and instigate Anu then she will throw me out and I will shift with bhabhiji.

Pre cap: Anu and Vibhu having lunch and he instigates Anu, she asks him to get out. Vibhu dances with Angoori.

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