Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update : A conspiracy against Angoori

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori, Tiwari, Vibhu, TMT standing outside Tiwari’s house. Angoori says to Tillu why are you saying like this. Vibhu says it’s people choice to say because it’s there job, please will disrespect Tiwari but bhabhiji you will not stop. Teeka and Tillu tease him on Bhabhiji. Malkhan says people will say that he is surviving on ladies luck. Vibhu says to Angoori but you will not stop and TMT to leave. Vibhu takes phone and click selfie with Angoori and leaves.

Tiwari walks to sofa ask Angoori to bring breakfast. Angoori says wait I’m bringing it where should I bring near table or at couch. Tiwari says bring near table. Angoori says okay and bring breakfast for him. Tiwari eats it and says it’s so delicious and tell me one thing I was in delima that I won’t be able to enjoy your delicious food you cook. Angoori says what do you mean. Tiwari says I mean to say politics is not your game. Angoori says why not last time you were appreciating me a lot, you should go in politics. Tiwari says yes I thought but now I think that you should not stanyin election. Angoori says but I already made decision. Tiwari says you can change it, now you will not stand for election. Angoori stand up take breakfast and leave.

David walks in Vibhu’s house and call him. Anu walks to him and greet him says other people also live here not only your Vibhu. David says to Anu your one leg is always in Lakhimpur Giri. Anu says I go there for work, you tell how’s you. David makes fun. Anu mocks him and they both discuss about will. David says I don’t understand why you always trouble me and talk about will paper, I filed a case against Vibhu’s Chachi I have faith in them that tehy will give there verdict in 40years. Anu says what will be benifit of that, we both will be old, our kidney and lungs wont be working then what we will do with that will. David says you will get money and change your body parts.
Angoori walks in calling Anu. Anu ask her what happen. Angoori greet David. David ask what happen you look tensed. Angoori says I think my all the wishes won’t come true. David ask what happen. Anu says Angoori is participating in election. David says congratulations she is capable. Angoori says but Tiwari isn’t allowing me, I worked so hard for this. David says how can he do this. Anu says to David why don’t you talk to Tiwari. Anu, Angoori and David walk to Tiwari’s house and calls him outside. Vibhu see David and says when did he come. David shouts and ask him to come out. Tiwari come out in anger and greets Anu. Anu scolds Tiwari. David says you disrespected your wife. Anu says you think of her as a machine. Angoori says you are right. David says you are cheap. Angoori says very correct. David keeps scolding Tiwari m Tiwari says don’t cross your line listen to me you are no good to tell me what to do. David says you are getting personal now. Tiwari says you are also getting personal. Anu says this is not personal it is about Angoori. Tiwari says when did I disrespect a lady. David says when your wife want to participate in election then why are you saying her no. TMT and Vibhuti listening everything. Teeka says to Vibhu bhabhiji should not interfere, if I’m wrong then slap Malkhan. Vibhu says we didn’t have strength to say this and never will be. Ammaji arrive. Tiwari says my wife is not capable enough for election. David says give her 6 months and she will show you power. Tiwari says why should I allow her for this. Ammaji get down and slap Tiwari says my daughter in law will participate and start hitting Tiwari. Anu and Angoori cheer Ammaji. Ammaji says you trying to stop her. Tillu says to Vibhu, Teeka and Malkhan our plan is failing.

Same night TMT, David, Vibhu and Tiwari drinking. Everyone mocking David. Vibhu look at your behaviour. David insults Vibhu calling him unemployed. Tiwari says I’m scared that if Angoori win elections then I have to do all chores. Vibhu says to David you know my problem. David says I know and says if you want someone to loose spoil his reputation. Vibhu, Tiwari and TMT kisses his forehead. Vibhuti says we all are sorry.

Tiwari and Angoori in bedroom. Tiwari says why arnt you taking me seriously I’m getting threat call from opposition. Angoori says don’t worry I’ll teach them lesson. Tiwari says that’s why I’m saying take your name back. Angoori says no how do they fare to threaten you now wait and watch I’ll win this election and teach Bharadwaj a lesson and go out of room. Tiwari says this plan failed. David and Vibhu sitting in balcony. Vibhuti gets call from Tiwari and ask David where is Anu. He says she is downstairs doing some office work you just pick up phone. Vibhu pick up phone and aks what is the news. Tiwari says my plan was a fail. David ask to out phone on speaker. Tiwari says I think so we need to question her character only then something will work but take care not to cross limit. David says yes we will take care and disconnects.

Angoori practising her speech says I’ll won’t read the speech will just say what my heart says. Tiwari and Vibhu walk in as disguised. David and Teeka hiding and watching. Angoori greets them adn ask who are you. Vibhu says we are investers from Mumbai and I’m his elder brother we are Chhadas. Angoori ask how can I help you. Tiwari says we need to construct mall, resturant, cinema etc. need to make. Vibhu says but we need your permission. Angoori says why my permission. Tiwari says because you will be the new elected leader that’s why. Teeka says to David why are they talking nonsense and not coming to main point. David says just shutup. Angoori says you believe so. Vibhu says we prayed for you. Angoori says you both are so gentleman pray for me so that I win. Tiwari says you are so simple women and can make proud our country and give her prashad. David ask Teeka to click photo of Angoori taking box. Angoori take box and says wait I’ll give you too. Tiwari says we already had it now we will leave. Angoori says they both were so good

Saxena, Happu, Angoori and Anu in Anita’s house. Happu says to Angoori some unknown person have file a case against you that you took bribe I don’t want to say but you are under arrest. Everyone outside. Angoori says I don’t want to go jail.

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